Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stuck on a Theme

I love a good parody. I always have. I knew the minute I heard “Weird Al” for the first time that I had found my niche. I began trying to write my own from that point on. I would torture anyone who had the misfortune of playing a song I didn’t like with my own version every chance I took. The negative side of this was learning the actual lyrics to bad songs while trying to get the syllable count to match. It is why I know more lyrics to “Spice Girls” and “Brittney Spears” than I do to actual good music.

This is the first parody I ever wrote. It was done with my sister (the parody writing you perverts) when I was in seventh grade and she was in ninth. I remember we were sitting in a bus in Israel traveling between cities and bored when we started it. I can’t remember who started it or why, but the lyrics have always stayed with me. I hope you like it.

To the tune of “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins

I’ve been toking
So long
I even thought up
This song
Eight hours, twenty minutes, and three seconds
For what
Oh tell me what I’m on

I’ve got a sick feeling
That money’s just holding me back
I know whose dealing
Cause they always hand me a sack

Of ludes
We used to be Sunday dudes
You sleaze
Get up off of your knees
Cut back
Long on before you crack
Don’t loose
Your ludes
Cause everyone’s taking Quaaludes

We, at the Lemming House, in no way, shape, or form endorse the taking, using, selling, buying, or something else of drugs in any way way, shape or form. We believe there is a time and place for everything and drugs are only for people who really need them or who really like them and only to be used on days ending in the letter "y". Do not operate heavy machinery while under the influence. Most cars however, due to the use of fiberglass, do not fall under this category any longer, so drive with care and avoid those hallucinations. Real people can heal, but a hallucination can be damaged for life.

I sense a theme this week. Maybe I need to make a new category for this blog.


ThatGreenyFlower said...

No, really, I mean it: you are GIFTED.

I do this too, by the way. I like my lyrics way better than the original ones in most cases. The last epic one I worked on was a graduation song naming the members of our graduating class and "singing" their praises...all to the tune of OutKast's "Hey Ya."

Rock on, Kanrei!

Kanrei said...

Thank you.

Do you ever get your way stuck in your head? I cannot listen to some songs without hearing my own instead. I should probably stop making fun of songs I like and just focus on those I don't.

Nessa / Goldennib said...

I don't like 'ludes. Can you do a song using a different kind of drug?

Kanrei said...

I have never done them myself. I will do a pot song tomorrow. How about that?

VE said...

Nice one Kan. We'll have to have a song parody challenge sometime!! That should irritate ALL our readers.

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