Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Loner: Remove "N" and Insert "S"

The asshole who murdered 32 innocent people on Monday was not a loner. A loner is someone who chooses to be alone.

The asshole who murdered 32 innocent people stalked women, he was jealous of the rich, and was unpopular. He was punishing people for years of ignoring him. A true loner would not care about the years of being ignored and would actually do all he could to stretch it out even longer.

The asshole who murdered 32 innocent people mailed a package of photos, videos, and a manifesto to NBC news so that the world would pay attention to him. A true loner would not want the world’s attention.

The asshole who murdered 32 innocent people on Monday was not a loner. Just like mistaking Iraq for Iran, we got most of the letters right, but missed a key one. Remove the “n” and replace it with an “s” and you see what this asshole really was in life: a loser.

The asshole (a man whose name will never appear here) apparently had a very long history with the Virginia Tech police dating back to 2005. He was labeled as “mentally ill” and considered a danger to himself and others. Twice he was accused of stalking female students and was committed to a hospital for mental reasons at least once. It boggles the mind how he was still a student on campus, doesn’t it?

This man was a man with no sense of self-identity and desperate for attention. He modeled himself after the Columbine kids it seems and mailed his package in the down time between killings because he wanted the fame those two kids got.

The ramblings NBC aired tonight shows this was a man with no clue why he was doing what he was doing and was just listing anything he could think of as an excuse. He blames the rich, greed, Christians; he talks in the past tense; he uses every fifty-cent word he can find and uses most of them incorrectly. The tapes did not show the monster he envisioned, but rather a pathetic insane kid.

Some people are going to attack NBC for showing this asshole’s words fearing it will inspire other people, but after watching the segments I honestly do not think that will be the case. He comes across as someone redefining “pathetic.” He appears not as a hero, but as a victim of his own delusions that he obviously doesn’t even understand himself. He was someone whose life would be a joke if it were not for the final count.

I say we not speak of him again. He once signed a roll sheet with a question mark so let him forever be nothing more. 32 innocent people were killed by _______ is all I will remember from this day on.

P.S. Although I do not believe in Hell, times like this make me hope I am wrong.


Scary Monster said...

Me got tagged and am to name me favorite bloggers. Just wanted you to know you made the cut.

Me tends to agree with most of what you are saying, especially about loners. The fucker was looking for attention and now the media is giving it to him.

Don't be to hard on the authorities. Iffin they were to prevent him from attending classes, he could have hired himself a lawyer and sued the school.
We can't prevent this shit, but we can stop encouraging it with acceptance of sensless violence.

Kanrei said...

I am someone's favorite! And a Scary Monster's favorite no less?! That is awesome. It is always good to have a monster like you =D.

I am not that hard on authorities as much as I am trying to move past the "loner" tag. That really bothered me more than it should. I think because I am tired of fitting every bad profile out there.

Serena Joy said...

This guy was so much more than a loner, though. There were so many red flags that should have given somebody a clue. He was a total raving psycho.

Oh, and you've been tagged again.

Variant E said...

Here, here Kan. You're right on with this one. Personally, I wish the press hadn't focused on anything that psycho did to attract attention to himself. Don't show his pictures and don't keep emphasizing his name...just like you've pointed out.