Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Curse of the Logical Political Junkie

I miss politics, I really do. For those who are new to my site, I have considered myself a political blogger for a while now, only I have not written about politics in some time. This does not mean I have not been paying attention or that I have not formed opinions on what I see happening. It simply means I cannot find any other original ways of saying “Bush sucks”, “the War in Iraq is wrong in every way a war can be”, “everyone we see who is vying for the White House is a power hungry megalomaniac with no care for the nation”, or “this is the worst administration in US history.” After six years of saying these things on numerous blogs in addition to my own I have just grown weary of the words.

How many times shall I bang my head against the wall before I realize I am going to hurt my head more than change the wall? At what point does it just become masochistic to keep pissing in the wind? I am giving myself an ulcer without any change happening in the world and why?

I could go on about how Obama has zero experience in the government so is no where near qualified to be President. I mean he has been running for the White House since before he was sworn into the Senate. He is a one term Senator who has yet to appear at the Capitol. He has been running for office the entire time. The Senate is a stepping stone to power for him and nothing more.

I could talk about how Hillary is a socialist in every way Stalin wished he were. So she slept with a President. So did Monica, but I would not say she was qualified to be President? Political ability is not passed on like a venereal disease. All one needs to know about Hillary is that she is a conspiracy freak who values power over people. It takes a village my ass.

I could complain about all the GOP candidates, but why wear down my keys with useless words? Rudy is a joke who was going to be tossed out of office on September 10th. No man got more out of 9/11 then Rudy did.

McCain? No one is serious about McCain. He does not even have the credibility to be a flip-flopper. To flip flop you had to have at one time had an opinion and then switched. McCain thinks whatever he thinks the party wants him to think and nothing more. He sold his soul long ago and the White House has had enough soulless politicians.

I could talk about Imus and his racial flap, but I just don’t honestly care. It is ironic to me that a nappy-headed radio broadcaster is calling someone else nappy-headed, but let’s be honest about it all for a moment- Imus has not had this much attention in years. I think most people who have actually heard of Imus (a small amount to being with) are shocked more that the guy is A) still on the air; and B) alive.

This is a horrible time to be a logical political junkie. I can’t stop watching it, but logic tells me all I am doing is upsetting myself without making any difference. Why can’t I just be reactionary like every other political blogger out there, pick a side, and defend it to my death? Why do I have to be so damn consistent and logical? Politics has no room for logic after all, only reaction.


Pistol Pete said...

I think people will have a different view of Imus when they discover he is in therapy. Check out the details on my blog - "Necessary Therapy"

Variant E said...

But think of the good news in the least we now know who the real father is for Anna Nicole's baby! That was at the top of my concerns.

Roxan said...

Once again it will come down to the lesser of two evils with my vote. If I even bother.

Serena Joy said...

Me, too, Variant E. Now that I know who the baby daddy, everything else is small potatoes.:)

Can anybody prove that Imus isn't actually dead? He looks like he's been dead for a while now.

Kanrei said...

I am soooo looking forward to resting tonight since I now know. I suppose rest tonight will be out actually since Nancy Grace and the CourtTV crew will probably be pounding the last few drops out of the story.

Serena Joy said...

Maybe Howard K. will sue Nancy Grace & company over the murder allegations. That'll make for some more press. Isn't that attorney he's hired the same one who represented John & Patsy Ramsey?

Joanie78 said...

Amen! By the way, you are more like Andy Rooney then Dave