Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Pathetic Sight To Say the Least

Sleepy in a sleep lab: the irony is priceless. I cannot explain why, but I am not getting tired lately until the sun rises. Perhaps I met a vampire or something and missed it. I really hope not. I don’t handle blood very well and I understand an affinity for blood is pretty much a requirement for vampires. I suppose a hematophobic vampire would be even more priceless than being sleep deprived in a sleep clinic. Don’tcha think?

I don’t mean to fish for comments, but considering the quality of author I seem to have reading my site I would love to know what you think of the Charlotte story as a narrative. I am not that worried about if the story was good per say because it is a true story and there is little I can do about the events, but I would really like to know how I did telling the story.

I am not looking for “you did great” really. I get that from my mother. What I want is to know what I did right, what I did wrong, where I was strongest and where I fell apart. It is the first real story I ever finished and I feel like I lost most of you along the way. Could be paranoia or it could be my being observant. I really value your opinions.

Was this a pathetic plea for comments or what?


littlebirdblue said...

Okay, Mr. Pathetic Plea,

I already commented on this first at Roxan's post, then at your ending of the Charlotte story, because when I miss a few days of blogging, I catch up on the older ones first.

If you want critique, you have to tell people (which is what you just did). You might want to hook up with a critique partner or group (that sounds like what you're looking for, especially if you're serious, and not just wanting pats on the back). Serena Joy would be the right person to ask about that. Just email her.

I think you've got some great stuff going on here, and should consider trying to prepare some stuff for submission. Seriously.

I'm in moving hell, so I might be around only sporadically, but you're welcome to email me (listed on my profile page) if you have questions.

Serena Joy said...

I thought you did a very good job with the Charlotte narrative, Kan. Personally, had I been in your shoes I'd probably have been so scared I wouldn't have remembered many of the details. Details are the thing when you're writing a story, and you provided them -- in spades. Yeah, I could definitely picture the journey from parking lot to cell block.

Kanrei said...

Thank you so much.
I remember moving hell and am doing all I can to avoid it for a long long long time, but moving is also exciting and I hope you are enjoying the change. Remember what Rush (the band) says-
No changes are permanent, but change is.

The only reason I remember as much as I do is because I was as high as I was. Kinda ironic since it is supposed to ruin one's memory, but I was able to remain calm through it all simply because I did not fully realize it was happening to me.