Friday, April 13, 2007

(Ch-ch-ch-ch/Ha-ha-ha) Friday the 13th part Pi

T-minus one week and counting. Today may be Friday the 13th, but all that means is next Friday it will be 4:20 all day long. I will gladly suffer through another Friday the 13th in exchange for a 24hour 420 Friday any time. And no I am not talking about celebrating Hitler’s birthday or Columbine you sick twisted people. I knew I liked you for a reason.

For those who live under a rock or are active in the “War on Drugs”, 420 is slang for the time to smoke pot. Since next Friday is the 20th day of April and April is the fourth month of the year that makes April 20th the official pot smoking holiday AKA 420 day! Smoke em if you got em and if you don’t, sit back and remember the good ole days when you did. As of now, only kids know where to get it. How exactly is that fair?

Also, starting the week after Monday I am quitting smoking cigarettes while on the subject of lighter purchasing sub-cultures. My brother is getting married next week so there is no way I am quitting before that stress-fest, but the week after I say goodbye to my friend of 16 years. It will be tough, but it is time. We are not getting along like we used to any more. They wake me up at night and demand my first attention of the day. They make sitting at my desk at work even harder than it should be and they are costing me $5 a day. While not sounding like much daily, it is $150 per month and that is quite a bit.

Once you decide to quit it is amazing how the taste of a cigarette changes. I no longer am enjoying them like I did. I find myself eager for them to end now instead of smoking them down to the filter like I used to do. OK, yes I did just go out and have a cigarette as I typed this blog, but that is simply the power of suggestion. I am serious about quitting and I have always said I will only ever quit smoking once- I hate to fail at something once I convince myself to try. This stubborn nature will serve me well in my quest for nicotine-free air.

While not dwelling too much on Imus, I do have a few questions-
1. Is free-speech racially oriented? I mean are there words that only a specific sub-group are allowed to use?
2. Where was the outrage when Imus called his mangers I believe a group of “money grubbing Jews?” Why do we feel the need to get outraged only when certain groups are attacked and not when others are?
3. How long until Imus is on XM or SIRIUS free from the FCC and able to say whatever he wants?

Now this is an Imus free zone. Happy Friday the 13th.


Variant E said...

Funny...for whatever reason I never even tried a cigarette. Not even a puff. They just never looked appealing. And my lungs are thanking me to this day. Good for you Kan for quitting.

Scary Monster said...

420hmmmm. To tell the truth Me never heard that phrase until now.

Since me ain't got the oppurtunity to indulge meself, Me will just have to recall those moments when me did.

Although Me believes that Imus be particularly vapid,insensitve and wholly moronic, yet Me also believes that things be blown way out of proportion.
Nobody went nuts when Jesse Jackson called New York "Hymietown" and the amount of stupidity that regularly spews from the maw of Rev. Al sharpton has never ceased to amaze me.

Imus might just find himself on the bread line next to Michael Richards.

Maybe we need to turn back the clock and listen to Lenny Bruce again.