Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Love Ya Boss- Don't Kill Me

Today was G-d’s day for “must-see-tv.”He was tuned in and turned on I guarantee and for once I was not the punch line. Oh glorious day of days when G-d gets a laugh and I am not the foil; so few that each is sweet beyond my wildest dreams.

I refuse to engage the thought of the repercussions to come although I can see them on the horizon. No, today is a day to enjoy the canned laughter of the Almighty and not wallow in the inescapable reprisal.

Inadvertent yet well timed as all great jokes are, this one set my boss up in the presence of her boss, my dad. I did not intend to get her to do what she did, but it was so damn funny that I wish I could do it again and again.

I was talking with my dad in his office this morning when my boss dropped by on her way to the sleep lab. We had the door closed so she knocked and I rose to answer. I forget what I said to her when I opened it. I think it was “oh, it’s you” or something along those lines. Whatever it was, it got her to flick me off with a well manicured middle finger right as I sidestepped and her boss, my dad looked up to see who was at the door. The impression- my boss flicked off her boss while he wasn’t looking. Tee-hee. She blushed; she fumbled; she reads my blog. There will be reprisals; oh, how I fear the reprisals, but it was so funny I think I hurt myself laughing.

He knows our relationship and knows perfectly well she was flicking me off- yet again, but I think it is actually part of her job description so he expects it. She gets a bonus if she get more than twenty in a single day. G-d is going to tune in tomorrow for certain and I am thinking of some reason I could possibly call in sick.

Never let your boss know you blog =D. Love you boss!


Variant E said...

Boy that's true...never let anyone at work know you blog. I don't.

Scary Monster said...

Me thinks you ought not let anyone close to you know that you blog. It's already gotten me into trouble in the past.


Serena Joy said...

Scary Monster speak gospel. I tell NO one that I blog. Except you guys, but I'm pretty sure y'all won't turn on me and eat me for breakfast.:)

Anonymous said...

how professional

littlebirdblue said...

Out of everyone I asked on the Blogvey about "Who reads your blog?", you were by far the most forthcoming with your family, friends, and coworkers. I don't know how you do it.