Monday, April 02, 2007

Happy Passover

My vanishing is almost over I promise you fellow Lemmings. I have the worst memory known to man and, as a result, my life tends to sneak up on me sometimes when I least expect it. This causes me to disappear suddenly because those commitments I forgot about did not forget about me. This has been the case this weekend and will be the case again towards the end of the month. My sister came home from New York this weekend (thing I forgot part one) to celebrate Passover (thing I forgot part two) with the family. Thank G-d I have a nag of a mother or else I still would not have remembered either one.

Passover is one of the three I celebrate: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur being the other two. I accept the gifts of Hanukkah, but honestly forget to light the candles most nights. Miamians say “turn on the candles”, but I think that is a Spanish thing. Rosh is the new year, Yom is the atonement for sins, and Passover is the celebration of heritage. The rest are fillers in my opinion. I take my religion seriously, just not most of the rituals. The faith was created by G-d, the rituals by man.

Passover and Easter are forever linked and I think it is part of why Passover is one I celebrate. Most people do not realize this, but Jesus’ last supper was a Passover Seder. Passover celebrates the release of the Jews from the slavery of Egypt. Easter celebrates the rising of Jesus from the dead. Both these holidays represent a rebirth of freedom and hope from desperate and shallow times.
We celebrate so often at the same time, yet rarely together or for same things. This time of year is the exception. Our tales linked and the theme continues through both. Without Passover, there would be no story of Easter: where Moses brought his people from the slavery of Egypt, so Jesus seeks to bring his people from the slavery of the world.

Be you a Passover person or an Easter person, I hope you find both days filled with love and hope for these are certainly desperate and shallow times.


Serena Joy said...

These are indeed some desperate and shallow times. I'm glad you're finding some light in the midst of them. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your family time.

Scary Monster said...

Interesting insights on the holy days. Me likes the way you think Kanrei. Have a good Pesach and keep away from Elija's cup.


Kanrei said...

Thank you both. My little cousin found Elijah's cup. She thought it was grape juice, so cute. She drank quite as bit of the tasty grape juice as well. So cute.

Variant E said...

Speaking of Passover...I almost passed over this post. I'm that way about religion though. Faith=Good, Religion=Not.