Monday, April 16, 2007

I Don't Like Mondays

31 dead at Virginia Tech; not in a joking mood today. RIP to all the victims and rot in Hell to the shooter.


Scary Monster said...

Shitty way to start the day.
I'm off to teach a new class today at the local university.
I wonder what the students will make of this.

Serena Joy said...

VA Tech is in my stomping grounds. It's been a long and horrifying day.

Kanrei said...

Both of you be safe. SJ, anything the local news has that the national doesn't; like motive?

I read this story first thing this morning and it seemed every time I refreshed my homepage the body count became higher. Killed any mood I had.

I am only happy Don Ho didn't live to see this. I have to try some humor; its how I deal.

Serena Joy said...
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Serena Joy said...

Same here. My TV was on all day at work, and the toll kept going up every little while.

The most recent info I'm getting, updated as often as possible, can be seen here:

I know, Don Ho would have hated this.