Thursday, June 02, 2016

Um....Yeah; Its Something

This is why I can't be a professional writer: it is either there or it is not.   I can't force it and I am trying right now to force it.   I want to write, but literally have nothing of importance to say right now.  I could write another essay on writer's block and do that "meta" thing I always do of writing about how I am writing for the sake of writing, but I have done that so many times already; including last week with the essay about destroying.

Yes, I could easily probably pull 500 words out of my ass about Trump or Clinton or Sanders or the state of political discourse in America or the failing of the media to remain objective during an election or any number of various rants you can read on hundreds of websites by name much better known than my own.   It would be easy and moot.

I could return to my old online haunt to engage in meaningless flame wars with an endless array of trolls and tell myself it is in the name of keeping my typing skills fluid.   And yes, I have used that very excuse before to justify my pointless arguments.    It also would be easy, but also quite moot.

And no, I am not depressed today in the slightest.   I could be and probably should be given my car's recent kerfuffle, but I am not.   I just don't seem to be in the mood to write today and thought it would be an apt time to show why I can't write professionally.   Who would pay for this?


2 comments: said...

I'm very critical in a constructive way and I found your essay's to be amazing. They are funny/original and thought provoking. I am unfamiliar with the business aspects of Blogging.. I know many artist/writers, for whatever reason, struggle with making money from pursuing their passion . . . . perhaps a Marketing/Branding/SEO Workshop for Bloggers may give you some new weapons to get your work exposed and expand your base. You don't need a writing class because I feel you've already developed your own authentic style IMO, but self-promotion is important too. Have I stated the obvious? Just trying to be helpful.

joanie78 said...

Your uncle is right. Everyone love s. Your writing style