Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Highhorse Vs Yours.

It is so easy to hate. It is too easy to condemn.  Guns are too easy to get.   Control won't do anything. Muslims want us is dead. I fear. Fear. Fear. Let the bodies hit the floor.  There are no victims anymore, just unwilling Pawns and a game they never signed up to play. I realize I'm bout to violate the very thing that I'm condemning by doing this, but it has to be said. I beg of you to forgive my hi horse for the moment.  I want you to think about the tragedy in Orlando that happened this weekend. I'm sure you are already, but I want you to focus on something specific. I want you to ask yourself how well do you know the shooter; However old you know the issues that people are pushing; and how much do you know about the victims? I set up my Facebook page that it is OK to sit Shivah.  It's of the upmost importance that we remember the victims. It is vital to our over all humanity but we not turn every tragedy into an opportunity to score some type of political points or to prove you were right about something. That is selfish.  It tells me you're not sad about what happened; it tells me that you really not concerned about people; it tells me that you actually probably happy something like this happened see you can say see I told you.   At a minimum, 103 peoples lives breather ended horribly or forever burdened with the memories that will hunt them. Someone who survived the randomness of life, I really feel for the survivors will be even more overlooked those who diedand those who died but will have to deal with trying to find some sort of rhyme and reason to why they survived and others did not. It is a heavy burden to carry and I really hope they find the help that they are going to need to regain some semblance of life. My prayers to the family's.    


the.bluesquirrel.man said...

So easy to hate . . . So true. It's a hard habit to break.

joanie78 said...

It is all sad and ugly. And you are right about the survivors There is too much hate
You are also correct about mr trump peacock ways. Not a man of compassion
Too much hatred and fed by the likes of him. Thankfully. The world has more like us. People who do care

the.bluesquirrel.man said...

I respect your opinion but I respectfully disagree. Perhaps I have misconstrued what your saying but i don't see how one can label someone as being opportunistic or disrespectful of the victims when making the case that one's instincts were correct about one of their worse fears and one they dreaded might happen; I don't believe anyone is feeling good or that somehow they are perversely taking pleasure in or are pleased about predicting the ultimate eventuality of this tragedy. Some gay people have even commended those who have taken a stand and are not afraid to expose the persecution inflicted on women/gay/etc in Muslim countries and how these realities impact our liberties and freedoms here at home. Is there more you could share so that I could better understand your perspective? I know we want the same thing . . .peace and love.

Brad Schader said...

Nothing more really. Perhaps you don't get exposed to those who drip glee when they get to say I told you so, but I do...online, not in real life. I was speaking to a certain mentality that I see exists on both sides, be it liberal or conservative. For example, you took issue with my rhetoric about Muslims, but nothing about the anti-gun people salivating to use this to condemn guns. We each see in things what we see and can only express that vision. People either agree or disagree, but either way the conversation is advanced and humanity is preserved in the face of turmoil.

the.bluesquirrel.man said...

Right, I understand more. Thank you. That's a pretty cynical group that's online. Yikes. I might have been responding more to a comment referencing Trump.

From my perspective all parties have valid points that in combination together would go far in eliminating these kinds of threats. For those particular parties their advocacy is, I think, their way of honoring the victims.

Thank you for your response.