Sunday, June 05, 2016

Last Political Post?

This could quite possibly be my last political post ever.  I am that disgusted with this election cycle on all fronts.   I have tried to mostly avoid really getting into it, but I am going to go for broke right now because I have to say it....somebody does.

If MSNBC does as Chris Matthews said they would and declare Clinton the Democratic Nominee at 8PM EST while the polls are still open for three hours, I am finished with politics forever and am finished with the news media forever.   It will be that final proof that we live in with an illusion of choice where media manipulation overpowers free will and free thought.    It will prove will no longer are humans, but are truly lemmings eager to run over that cliff.   Calling all wayward lemmings!

So what exactly is a "wayward lemming?"   I'm sure you have asked that at least once to yourself.  A "Wayward Lemming" is a lemming or follower that has seen a few too many predecessors fall to their deaths by following the popular trend.   They are a lemming who suddenly decided to try something different, but has no clue as to what to try, who to follow, or where to go.    A "wayward lemming" is a new born baby in the body of an adult searching for identity.

OK, so, now that that tangent is over, let's get back to my angry rant before I stop being angry and forget what I was talking about.

The one aspect of this election cycle I have really avoid talking about until now is the overt bias in the media and in the electoral process.   Between the two, the system really is rigged against almost all "threats" to the system.   Trump is a bit of an anomaly, but I will get to him later.  

When Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that the purpose of Superdelegates was to protect the party elite from grassroots candidates, there should have been a call to all Democrats that the system was rigged against them.     When the media continuously said Sanders couldn't win despite his run at the primaries and his rising poll numbers and his growing crowds of supporters, the people should have questioned the purpose of the "news."   They didn't: they were good lemmings.   They repeated as they were told: I like Sanders, but he can't win.

Trump has bucked the odds and it is amazing.   He says incredibly horrible things, but then the media tends to take context out of other things that are benign and turns those into real major stories which basically destroys their credibility to anyone who bothers to see what Trump actually said.   I don't understand why they feel a need to take a really bad candidate who was destined to lose and turn him into an almost sympathetic symbol of media bullying.    I won't vote for him, but a part of me kind of hopes he wins because of it.

I said once here to imagine of Hitler, Stalin, and FDR were all running for President and we dismissed FDR.  I want to really think about that.   Trump is a wildcard who is so "off the cuff" that you don't know what kind of President he will be day-to-day; what stupid thing he will say at the wrong time to the wrong person; if he will even stay committed to being President for four long years or will he get bored of it.   It is too many variable for me to vote for him.   But Clinton...

Hillary Clinton is not a wildcard and what she says really is meaningless white noise.  She is a master at saying what needs to be said to get her objective done.   Both she and her husband are among the best at making you believe they believe what you believe.    She has been exposed numerous times already saying contradictory things based on a swing in polls.    A true chameleon with a venomous stinger.    She has thirty years of us knowing how she uses power: from her time as First Lady, to her time in the Senate to her time as Secretary of State; experience only matters if you learn from it and all she learns is how to better sell her failures as simply an external flaw in her vision.    Her Iraq war vote was wrong because of Bush.   Her support for Libya was the fault of Obama's lack of commitment.   Her support to get into the Ukraine was also crushed because of Obama's lack of vision.   Her Syrian plans were crushed because of a weak government.    Her African adventures continue unreported to this day.

She is the worst America can offer: A Neocon Warhawk who manages to get Liberal support for far-right wing agendas.    She is the candidate of choice of the PNAC crowd, the Koch brothers, the Military Industrial Complex, the Private Prisons, Wall Street, the Mainstream Media, the Pollsters, the editorial boards of numerous newspapers- if this doesn't terrify you, I don't know what will.   And I won't even touch the email saga....yet.

Sanders is still in it and his support still grows.   And he can still mathematically win regardless of what the "experts" tell you.   And if the DNC decides to go with Clinton, I hope and pray Sanders considers a run with Jill Stein.   He owes the DNC nothing.   They only allowed him to run because there was no Democratic challengers to Clinton and the DNC wanted a primary, not a coronation.    I think what he owes America as the only real chance we have to avoid pointless war, gain stability, and catch up with the modern world is more important.

Thanks for reading even if you vehemently disagree.

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Totally agree. said...

Of course you didn't have to wait for Chris Matthew . . . . It appears the AP announced it while we were sleeping.

I think the media overestimates its power of influence. Many many people are beginning to learn how they are being manipulated by the media. I hope Bernie's supporters become outraged about this overt attempt by the Clinton machine to suppress voter turnout. I believe your instincts are correct; if he wins California he should shift the momentum over into an independent run with jill stein.

joanie78 said...

Well. Poor Bernie did not win California , yet he is not giving up
Trump is an idiot. Tried to make nice last night and of course he was critiqued for his lack of being Trump
No, I think I will sit this one out. Vote for Congress and we will have another 4 years nothing gets done