Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Means Define the Ends

It has been said that the ends justify the means, but, in the end it is the means that matter most for the end is never constant, but the means used once forever changes how things will happen next.  We constantly see the bar being lowered under the justification of "well, they did it."   We cling to some high road mentality as we engage in low road tactics all while ignoring the hypocrites we become in the process.

Ambition only counts when something is hard; if it were easy it would have already been done...whatever "it" may be.   And it is how we achieve our ambitions that define us, not the ambitions we achieve.  Is it worth world peace, for example, if you have to kill every human being to gain it?   Is it worth ending global warming if we must return to the Stone Age to achieve it?   Both these means will achieve those ends, but isn't the price just a tad bit too high?

America currently stands at a crossroads, and they seem to be mistaking it for a fork in the road.  They assume their choices limited to two.    They will be told repeatedly a vote for any other option than the two is like voting for one of the two.   They will be told they will be to blame should America end up with a bad choice.   They will be bullied, brow-beaten, guilted, cajoled, and condescended too.   This is all bullshit, in my not-so-humble opinion.

Is it worth stopping Trump if we end up with Clinton and her warhawk private prison double-speaking Wall Street lying  shape-shifting tendencies?

Is it worth stopping Clinton if we end up with Trump and his random uncouth hate-filled empty rhetorical self idolizing short fused vindictive tendencies?  

Check your third parties please.   Ignore the wasted vote accusations.   A wasted vote in my opinion is voting for a bad candidate to stop a bad candidate when there are good candidates out there.   If you vote actually FOR someone instead of AGAINST someone else, we might actually get a GOOD President instead of the LESSER of two EVILS.

Thank you for your time.


joanie78 said...

Sad but true. Yet no one will. Or not enough.
Sadly. I am not voting. So I guess I am co fair using to the worst of the worst

joanie78 said...

Sad but true. Yet no one will. Or not enough.
Sadly. I am not voting. So I guess I am contributing to the worst of the worst said...

I share your concern. I am going to Let's see what happens as things unfold until November. I will try to suspend my judgement and strive to keep my mind open until the day I vote. these candidates are very flawed and it will be interesting to see how they evolve as it comes down the wire. Stay tuned. As always thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Miss you, you know where. Prayers daily for you and yours.

Love Gracie