Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yet Another Start...

I have been a very bad blogger and, as a result, have lost most of those lemmings kind enough to find their way home. I cannot blame them at all. The home has seemed abandoned the last week and the dust is adding up. I am allergic to dust as well so really only have myself to blame. I should probably turn on the “vacancy” neon sign by the road again. Maybe I need a new grand opening sale or something, but I don’t sell anything.

I have been writing these last few days, everyday in fact. I have been working on the same scenario for the past three days and have yet to come up with a version I like. I have the characters, the setting, the actions, and most of the dialogue, but have yet to find a way to piece it all together. The problem is that I am playing with a cliché, yet finding myself coming up with something “too cliché” to work.

My story is the typical “buddy picture” situation set in a world I have been working on the details of for a few years. Sort of a “Mad Max” type reality, but without the mutants and desolation. Instead, I suppose it is more towards the “Robocop” reality where corporations have replaced governments and this story revolves around two competing pizza delivery places. The characters I have because I “borrowed” a few of them from the “Charlie” story. The “Wingnut” short story was a character background for the tale as well. I have three other character details I am working on at the same time as the prologue to the story.

Please do not think I have abandoned my Home for Wayward Lemmings. After seeing Steve G, Southern Writer, and Littlebird Blue talk so much about writing I suppose I got a fire lit under my ass.

Do you ever notice you can dictate pages as you fall asleep at night only to not remember one word when you get up to write it? Any advice for dealing with this for a newbie author?


Serena Joy said...

The dust can all be vacuumed up. You're home now; that's what matters.

This is fabulous that you've gotten the bug and are writing every day. Good for you! Sounds like some interesting projects you have underway.

There's help with some of your questions, as well as willing eyes to critique, on my board; link in my sidebar. As I've told you before, I'd love to have you.

Yes! I get my best ideas at night after I get into bed. If I don't jot them down, they WILL be gone in the morning. Consequently, I've had to put a pad and pen on my night table, and I'm up at least a couple of times every night jotting something down before I finally get to sleep.

Kanrei said...

It is so annoying. Last night I finished the scene perfectly. Every line, every action was perfectly timed and exciting and funny. I immediately jump from my bed to right any of it down and all I remember is that Oz is right-handed so he has to shoot out the back window of the car instead of out the passenger window. Nothing else.

Scary Monster said...

Me no believe that you have anything to worry about Kanrei, me friend.
Lemmings be bountiful. They just waiting for you to post the story, thas all.

Me want to hear more about wingnut.
Seems like me is seeing him evertywhere recently.

Hang ten, buddy.

littlebirdblue said...


I never write down those ideas I get between sleep and wake, but I have a feeling they're sometimes as good as they seem.

Most authors seem to have times of the day when they write more productively. Try to find your cycle, and go with the words when they're flowing, 'cause it won't always be so.

Keep up the good work, my man!