Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Libby 20% Innocent!

I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby was found guilty today on four of the five charges filed against him in relation to the "Plame Affair." While he will appeal the decision, as of now this means that Libby learned about Plame from Cheney and other White House officials instead of from the press as he claimed. Given that Plame was undercover for the CIA at the time her name was leaked, this would make the release of her status with the CIA a very serious crime.

Will this saga end with Libby or was this just the tip of the iceberg? The truth is that this verdict answers nothing really other than Libby lied when asked questions about where he learned the name. It means the information he gave is not true and not that the opposite must therefore be true like most will naturally assume. There is plenty of reason to suspect the VP, but the sad truth is that the Libby conviction bares no weight on Cheney or any other official unless you can now prove whether he was instructed to release Plame's name to the press.

I am not saying to not look, I am simply saying this is not cause for celebration today. The American people were misled by those we entrusted with our lives and we should never be happy we were decieved.


Variant E said...

I just have to say...political ignorance (on my part) is bliss!

Serena Joy said...

That this stuff goes on in the highest levels of government doesn't really come as much of a surprise. Nor does the fact that Libby stuck to his story. Heh. 20% innocent. Fancy that.

Kanrei said...

Ignorance is indeed bliss. I tried not to write about it (know your audience is something I have learned from you all), but it would not leave my head. I figured a little politics would not cause too much trouble. I am noticing my non-political things get better responses.

littlebirdblue said...

The American people were misled by those we entrusted with our lives

And this surprises us...how?

This will be remembered as a dark era in the history books. We'll be lucky if future generations don't lay blame at our door for current events and those to come, no matter who we voted for.

littlebirdblue said...

Except you, Kanrei. I'm not letting you off the hook for not voting, even if it seems like a useless exercise.