Friday, March 30, 2007

Not the Friday Update Yet, But the Gloat

I need to first say “I am sorry” for the story I am about to link to. I swore never to place another story about her on this blog and I have stuck to it fairly well until today, but this story is just too funny to let slide by. Princess Diana Monroe is going to jail! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!

That was mean and I already can hear my mother saying “I did not raise you to be like that”, but she must have because I am like this. Other times I laugh at things before I fully digest them and do feel bad for my laughter later, but not this time. She deserves worse than 90 days in jail in my opinion and would get more if she were not Princess Diana Monroe. The L.A. cops are the most celebrity obsessed group out there I think. Slaps on the wrists all around if the cop has jerked off to a photo of you at least one time.

The thing that tells me she is really in trouble this time is this last part of the story:
Hilton's spokesman Elliot Mintz said at the time that she hadn't been aware that her license was suspended.
Mintz did not immediately return a call seeking comment Thursday.

Elliot Mintz is possibly a bigger press whore than his client is. How many spokespeople can you name? I love celebrity gossip and his is the only name I see in every story. If he is not IMMEDIATELY returning a call then this is a big problem for his client.



Roxan said...

Time for young Paris to learn a lesson that's for sure and to grow up. She is an heir to a fortune and I'm sure her family wouldn't want to see any of the Hilton empire in her ditzy little hands.

Anonymous said...

It is probably true. When she traveled to Austria to attend the ball there, she was stopped at the border with an expired passport. The border guards call the Embassy and confirmed who she was. Three or more bricks shy of a full load.

Kanrei said...

I really have tried so hard not to write about her, but sometimes I am weak. I would love the next Simple Life to cover her time in the LA country jail though. I would tune in.

Serena Joy said...

Jail would teach her a life lesson about responsibility and maturity that nothing else will. It'll never happen, though. I mean, it's L.A.