Friday, March 02, 2007

Hey Now! You're a Rock Star!

Oooh-eyyye, ooooooh I’m still alive! Yeaaa-eye, ooooooh I’m still alive!

I made it home and the Friday did not get me. As G-d said to Darwin: Screw you buddy! Those great and wonderful girls I work with managed to fill every single empty bed I was facing. I had to cancel not one single person and only one person is getting overtime this weekend. Yes, I rock! I forget sometimes how much I rock, but then a day like today reminds me of that one simple truth in my life: I rock!

Keep in mind that one’s ability to declare that they do in fact rock may have nothing to do with that individual’s personal abilities. I did very little for the success handed to me today; no I would rather just think my Mojo and vibe is just that powerful that the forces normally working against me were beaten into submission by my sheer will power and presence. Maybe it was the begging or the tears, but let’s not talk about that because right now I would rather concentrate on two simple words: I rock.

We are talking about Led Zeppelin in 1975 type of rocking when we discuss how much I rock. There is no Def Leppard or Honeymoon Suite style soft rock going on here. The rocking I did today is pure three-chord, out of tune, drunk as hell, dying in a plane crash rocking; maybe even choking on your own vomit rocking. Pick your favorite rock cliché and, as long as it is bad ass, that is me today. Give me a theme song and hide the cattle!

Look, a shiny thing on a string!

Sometimes I hate being a nice guy. My date tomorrow was supposed to be to see “Zodiac” which is a movie I have been waiting for since learning the story on A&E years ago. It is a story that was made for a film and I asked the girl to go see it. She honestly had no interest in the movie, but was willing to see it with me. Sweet gesture and I agreed to take her to one of those “torture” movies she likes (like Hostel or Saw) in exchange, but today I learned “Zodiac” is three hours long- I can’t do that to her.

I can’t make her sit in a theater for three hours watching a movie she does not care about yet would completely be engrossing me. What kind of date would that honestly be? If I were selfish or something I suppose it would be a great date, but I am too empathetic for that. I would actually not like the movie simply because she was bored. It sucks being a nice guy. Instead we are going to go and see that “23” movie. No idea what it is, but it looks like a popcorn movie. I like popcorn. It also has Jim Carrey in it. I like popcorn.


Serena Joy said...

When I rock, it's usually by accident. LOL.

Shoot, if I were in FL, I'd go see 'Zodiac' with you. I read the book ages ago and I do want to see the film. Dang, you got yourself a date and you have to do this compromise thing. If you're willing to suffer through torture with the girl, there's no reason why she can't sit through a 3-hour movie. I don't know what '23' is, either, but at least you'll have popcorn.

Kanrei said...

If you leave now you can be here by tomorrow.

Serena Joy said...

True. Maybe I'll surprise you. LOL.

littlebirdblue said...

It might work out okay, and wouldn't you rather see the movie you really want to see and be all engrossed in without having someone else there who you have to keep worrying all the time whether she's having a good time or not?

As you can tell by my above grammar, my brain is broken today and I do not, in fact, rock. Not at all.

Kanrei said...

Oh but you do rock.

Breaking the rules of grammar is very punk rock and having a broken brain is psychedelic. Psychedelic-punk actually sounds very cool.

littlebirdblue said...


I'll take it!

RexZeitgiest said...

Go Kanrei, get busy!

Alright brother..sounds like a fun time.....My advice, skip the movies on the first date....Spend time talking to her...second date, hit the flicks, you will be busy smelling each other and seeing if you like the scent.....That is very important....

Either way, don't be Mr. Nice agressive in a good way....

Oh shit, I am nervous for little bro is having a date......sniff sniff, snorttttt

Scary Monster said...

Kanrei, Me man you not only ROCK you STOMP!! Glad the forces of evil have turned tail and run away. Now get to work on some tail for yourself and let the lesser humans beware. Kanrei is on a roll.