Friday, March 16, 2007

The Mamas and the Fridays

Friday, Friday (ba-na, ba-na-na, nah)
Can’t trust that day (ba-na, ba-na-na, nah)
Oh Friday, Friday
Never turns out
The planned out way
Oh Friday morning
You gave me no warning
Couldn’t guarantee
That Friday evening all my techs would be happy

“Is it time yet Papa Smurf,” is the question I have asked of me every time I walk out of my office today. Not verbally asking me mind you, the question is hidden in their eyes. They know we are closing early and they know I get to decide the time and they all know I am a lazy person, so they all know the time for closing will be fairly soon.

“Not just yet my little Smurfs,” I say to them as I go to the bathroom.

“What about now Papa Smurf?”

“Not just yet my little Smurfs.”

“Soon Papa Smurf?”

“Yes my little Smurfs, soon.”

All of our patients and techs are confirmed for the weekend, a weird feat for not even 1:30 on a Friday, but I am not going to question it. Right now I asked them to find a few more patients so some of my part-timers can get a few hours, but there will very likely be no luck in that area. We have been moving people around quite a bit lately and our “move up” list is empty. I even lost one of my part timers today due to a lack of work. Sad actually, but just a little: he thought overtime was part of the deal and got upset when he didn’t get any.

I think they think we can legally work them as much as they want to work. They don’t realize overtime pay is to punish the company for not having enough people. We legally cannot have him work over 40 hours without overtime no matter if he wants it or not. We hired enough people so overtime vanished and now we are short again. His actions are going to give someone else overtime and net him nothing because he left.

Isn’t that Ironic/
Don’t ya think?
And yes, it is raining today, but it is no one's wedding day and I have not paid for any ride, let alone a free one.


littlebirdblue said...

Now, Papa Smurf, now?

Serena Joy said...

I love Smurfs. I call my little blue car the Smurfmobile.

When, Papa Smurf? Is it time?

Scary Monster said...

Kanrei, Me friend. You might already know about this but if you don't check out what's happening to pet owners. Take care of Oreo!!

Scary Monster said...

Sorry, in me rush, me left out the punctuation.