Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lemming Love Line Lament

“In an effort to, make clear to whoever,
What it's like when your shattered .......
Left standing in a lurch,
In a church with people saying .....
My God, that's tough, she stood him up,
No point in us remaining .......
I may as well go home,
As I did on my own,
Alone again, naturally.”
- Gilbert O’Sullivan

I will give you three guesses, but you should only need one. I don’t know what happened, but I know that one day I will get a second date. It will happen for me. I think I deserve one.

In answer to “what happened” I can only say I spoke to her at four and everything seemed great. She was going to get her father to watch her kid and call me right back. Then four turned to five and five soon to six. By six-thirty, I began to suspect a “stood up” scent in the air, but remained positive. It wasn’t until right about now that I gave up and accepted my fate.

“Stranded at the drive-in
Branded a fool
What will they say
Monday at school”
- Grease

I am not upset even though I probably should be. Part of me is actually relieved since I do so hate leaving my house at night. It could also be a sign to pursue that Kristin Dunst looking girl I saw at work the other day. I am not one to believe we just “notice” people without there being some reason.

Tonight’s turn of events is probably for the best and is certainly how things were supposed to work out. I have no doubts in that. I just want a second date just once is all. The worst part about being stood up is that nothing changes in your life and how bad is that really. It’s not like you are more alone than you were before.

Run, run, run for the roses
Sooner it opens, the quicker it closes
Man, oh, man, oh friend of mine
All good things in all good time
- Grateful Dead

Indeed, All good things in all good time.


Serena Joy said...

Oh, no. I'm sorry that happened. She never called back with any kind of explanation? That's just rude. Tacky, too. I hope you have better luck with the Kirstin Dunst lookalike.

Speaking of looks, I like the new look of your blog very much.

Scary Monster said...

Look at it this way you just might have dodged the bullet.

Next time you see her tell her that you don't appreciate having your time wasted and mention that you had believed her to be a emotionally mature adult. Don't accept any excuses she might try to pawn off on you. It would only have taken a moment of time to call you. Then forget about her and find someone who be worth your time compassion and intelligence.
YOU STILL ROCK! Don't forget that.


Scary Monster said...

Go out and see the flick you were willing to give up for her Have yourself a day.

littlebirdblue said...

I'd date you just for quoting Grease.

RexZeitgiest said...

Could be an honest mistake....I would wait until tomorrow to form an opinion.....And if she did 'stand you up', forget her she isn't worth it....

Roxan said...

Maybe it was fate. Maybe I'm your soul mate since we connect on so many quizzes. Maybe I'm insane. Do you like insane older women? My kids don't need a babysitter. LMAO.

Sorry bout that good luck with the Kirstin Dunst lookalike.

Kanrei said...

My parents said the same thing. They also said a 20 year old does not always know it is OK to cancel if something came up so she may have just disappeared. I did the same thing at that age to be honest. I think the Kirstin Dunst girl is the way to go though. I have not given up, just aimed in the wrong direction.

I love insane older women. You are my soul mate but I think step-children my own age might be difficult for my psyche. What happens if a reverse "Graduate" things occurs?

Come to south Florida and we can see a movie. I would date you just for being you.

I did laundry. Pathetic I know, but it needed to be done. I am going to be polite next time I see her. I was not sure whether I was attracted to her or just wanted the friendship so this turn of events lets me know it is the friendship I would like.
And I know I still Rock, only it is Gothrock this weekend.

She is 20 with a child. The number of things that could have come up boggles the mind. It could be rude and probably was, but I cannot really say for sure yet. If her baby got sick then I don't blame her for not returning my calls for example.

Thanks for the props on the new look.

RexZeitgiest said...

Could be she got cold feet and panicked....It happens....

I stood up my ex on our 'first' date (we worked together everyday so I knew I would have to see her).

I got nervous and didn't show up or return her calls that night.....When I saw her the following Monday I gave on of the lamest and most drawn out excuses of all time....

That Friday we did a 'listing appointment' together and never left each others side for 11 years....

Roxan said...

You're still older than my oldest. However, you need a younger woman whose biological clock still has running batteries. You will just have to admire me from a distance. LOL

Kanrei said...

You're still older than my oldest.
I just got stood up by a 20 year old so how young are we talking? =P


I spoke to her today and the only answer I got was "drama, don't ask." While that tells me it was not me, it also tells me she is not mature enough to date yet. Drama or no drama, the proper thing to have done would have been to call- if not that day at least the day after. I had to call her today to find out if she was even still alive.

Serena Joy said...

Drama or not, good manners dictate that she should have called you to say she couldn't make it. It would have taken 30 seconds.

I guess you'll just have to admire from afar Roxan and me, the well mannered and highly alluring Slightly Older Goddesses.:)