Wednesday, July 01, 2015

24 Hours Later

OK, so I've had twenty-four hours now to digest the news that cancer had returned.   I use past tense because the polyp that had the cancer has been removed, but it is an issue because I just had a colonoscopy three months ago where a monster of a polyp was removed and my colon declared clean.      And "Monster Polyp" is an understatement when my surgeon said it was the largest he had ever seen and had an OR on standby "just in case."

But to get back on subject, what this changes is simply wording for me and timing.   I had already decided to have an optional operation to have half my colon removed.   I had decided to do it in September, so when my doctor called last night heralding Cancer's return performance, all the news really did was change "optional" to "mandatory" and "September" to "in three weeks."

Why  "three weeks?"   I got vacation planned and I would rather go in diapers than with a bag.   After this vacation, I will have the rest of my life to party with the bag.  

I have noticed the universe listens, so be careful what you say.   Just two day before the doctor called, or three days ago I guess I could have just said, I was telling my mom that I wished I could do the operation sooner, but felt I should give myself the waiting period.    Universe heard me and said "waiting period over."

I can't wait to never wipe again though.   No, seriously!  I hated wiping before the creations my body creates post-cancer; now I really hate it and it takes for freaking ever!   I aspire to the consistency of a new born with diarrhea sometimes.

Too far?  Sorry  =D

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