Thursday, July 02, 2015

Three In A Row?

Three days of posts in a row; you'd almost think I was a blogger or something!    Fact is, this is my legacy and I want it complete.  I have no kids to pass on my life lessons to, so I have you Lemmings instead; my people.   And I want to post while I can because there is a chance things might overshadow my desire to share at some point and, if I can make this habit instead of desire, then it will be easier if I am weaker.

So far there is no chemo in my future and, thank G-d no radiation; just an operation.    And people are shocked I am psyched for the colostomy bag, but if you knew what I have been seeing (and I won't share because even I have limits) you too would be counting down the days until you never shat again.   Besides, Depends are getting expensive.

OK, so aside from the cancer, what else has been going on this last year?   Well, I sold my condo and live in an apartment now.   Taxes and insurance were out of control, so better rent without headaches IMHO.   Same job, but less hours due to my condition.   Overall, I am actually and surprisingly quite happy.    Cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me.    I almost wish it happened sooner so I could have started this new me earlier in life.

Are you sitting down those who knew me for years?   I'm happy.   I am beyond happy.   I don't care if the glass is half full or half empty so long as you are happy with the choice of glass and its contents.   Where I used to search for a touch of grey in a world of shadow, I now am surrounded by a world of light.   I wake up happy.   Even when I am bored, I am happy to be bored.   It is amazing the way something "Tragic" can make your outlook better.

Sadly, this new found outlook has destroyed one of my previous life's joys: being a sarcastic bitter political cynical junkie.   I can't do it anymore; I don't care.   I now see how stupid the game is where I used to love the way it was played.   I laugh at the pundits and partisan hacks now and actually pity them where I was once one of them.   I kind of miss it.   "Kanrei" was a good political warrior once upon a time and now he is an old wise man seeking balance and peace.   What a waste of a talent.   And with Trump in the race too...

Well, that's good for today.   Wonder if I'll do it again tomorrow...

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