Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How I See the Parties Today: A Two Act Play

Act 1: The Democrats

Lib1: This should be changed.

Lib2: Yes, it should be bigger.

Lib1: No, smaller.

Lib3: And blue.

Lib1 and 2: Blue? Green!

Lib1: and smaller.

Lib2: No, bigger.

Lib3: Whatever Bushlover.

Lib1: I voted for Kerry.

Lib2: Sure you did. Nobody who wants smaller voted for Kerry.

Lib3: Nobody who wants Green did either.

Act 2: The Republicans

Con1: This must not be changed

Con2: No.

Con3: And we should screw someone at the same time.

Con1: Agreed.

Con2: Male or female?

Con 1 and 3: WHAT?

Con2: Just kidding. Don't fags suck? I think I need to form a committee against them.

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