Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Palin Wonders "Where's My Headline?"

After years of dominating the discussion, a recent drought in Palin-related stories has pushed her non-campaign into "Panic Mode."

"She is very worried," a close source who wised to remain anonymous recently told me in a fever-dream. "The 'Palin Brand' was once synonymous with stupidity and we are seeing a very real and viable threat from Michelle Bachmann. This is like Dr Frankenstein being killed by his own monster."

Palin had real hopes her "Paul Revere" gaff combined with the premature end of her "One Nation" bus tour would have propelled her not only to the top of the polls, but the headlines. However, Bachmann's combination of light blue deer-eyes in headlights and tenuous grasp on reality to say the least has made her the GOP darling.

More to come....

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