Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Unneccessary Statements of Truth

So people are going apeshit over Joe Biden’s guarantee that, should Obama be elected, the nation will be involved in a major international crisis. The right are using this to say things like “the world believes Obama to be weak and even Joe Biden says they will test him” or that they will create a crisis to justify themselves, or, even worse, that they will use it as a chance to sell America out to the world’s governments: I really love election year delusions. The left, well, they are just putting their heads in their hands and shaking in disbelief that once again Joe Biden places his foot firmly in his mouth by saying something everyone already knows, yet no one believes needs to be said aloud.

It has been my firm belief for quite sometime that every new President is tested by some element of the world community within their first year in office and it has been that way for at least my lifetime. Every President since Carter has faced some major crisis that defines their administration. Here are just the few I can think of off the top of my head:

Carter- Iran hostage crisis
Reagan- shot within first ninety days in office
- Beirut Marines barracks attacked in 1984
GHWB- Iraq invading Kuwait
Clinton- 1992 WTC attack
- the attack on the USS Cole
GWB- 2001 WTC
-North Korea nukes
-Iran nukes

The problem is that Biden should know better than to say something that could be so easily used by the other side, even though it is true. The fact is that, should Palin ascend to the Oval Office, she will be tested even worse than Obama would be, but Democrats do not pedal in fear the same way the Republicans do. The fact is that, just like Hillary would be a better VP choice, Biden needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut or, at the very least, learn to think before he speaks. It is this flaw in his character that has stopped his White House bid every other time he has tried.

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VE said...

I've counciled Obama that in the event he is tested, mark's statistically the best choice.