Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's Pathetic Attempt!

This is a photo of a McCain supporter after she was supposedly attacked by a Obama supporter. Does anyone else notice the many things wrong with this photo?

1. If her left eye were bruised to the point of having that much discoloration around it, wouldn't there also be busted blood vessels in her eye? The actual eyeball is way too white and clear for that much discoloration to be around it.

2. There is a slight start of a bruise on her right eye as well, as if she started applying the make-up to that eye as well, then decided it was too much to believably sell.

3. The "B" carved into her cheek is not very deep at all; in fact, I would say it is not "carved" at all, but rather lightly scratched, as if someone did it themselves as a way to show damage without actually causing any.

4. The "B" is backwards! I realize this should really be number one, but a sense of the dramatic forced me to save it. It is pretty much exactly the way a person would do it if they were, say, looking in a mirror and doing it to themselves.

5. She has that "runaway bride" look in her eyes.

And that is just the photo! Read here for even more large holes in this pathetic attempt for attention that I guess worked since even I have now written about it. This is also the day after McCain has a film of his POW days released and the day Palin is denying she kept the clothes. Full court press time!

Sorry to get political on a Friday again, but this story just begged me to say something. Happy weekend.

UPDATED @ 1:41: IT WAS ALL A HOAX AND WE CALLED IT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WHO HEARD THE STORY DID! KDKA is now reporting that she has admitted to making it up and will be facing charges.


VE said...

ha ha ha. It's like...whatever. And I had a devil grow out of my back that looks just like Obama too!

Your Mother said said...

I did hear it, hours before, from you. You called it. So who is going to win? You always call that too.

Serena said...

Makes you wonder what the heck is wrong with people, doesn't it? Sheesh.