Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday's Important Voting Rules

Well, well, well: it is Friday and it is Halloween! Have I got a scary thing for you on this day to think about: President Palin!


Damnit! I lost you. Oh well, have a great weekend, a safe and happy Halloween, and remember to leave out your milk and cookies for the Great Pumpkin.

Remember: to avoid the lines at voting, we have set up a system that will make it easier for all. Obama voters should show up on Tuesday, November 4th and McCain voters should show up on Wednesday, November 5th. We feel this should reduce confusion by pollsters and will decrease line length. Remember to show up ONLY on the date you are allowed to vote for your candidate. All votes for Obama on November 5th, for example, will be marked for McCain. Take care and arrive at the right day.

One last thing, Democrats should vote early and often. We have set up special lines for dead voters and for pets. Cartoon characters should send in absentee ballots only, thanks.

1 comment:

VE said...

I'm just no sincere enough for the great pumpkin. I don't think the candidates are either...