Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Kanrei Plan 08 -OR- The Confuse a Republican Act

Today was a shocking day for me and it is only 10:19 in the morning which is leaving quite a lot of time for quite a lot of shocks still to come too. You see, I thought today on my way to work and actually came up with an idea. Yes, this idea was sparked once again by my watching of a bad movie, but the stimulus does not matter when the results are as great as they are this time. With the simple help of Starship Troopers I have solved both the military problem and the immigration problem in one fail swoop. I am not sure “fail” is the right word, but considering the likely hood of this idea actually being accepted let alone working, perhaps “fail” is preemptively right.

One central theme in Starship Troopers was that there was a difference between civilians and citizens: civilians are normal people, but without many rights that a citizen has earned through military service (right to vote and such). We are always saying “illegal immigrants are doing the jobs that Americans simply won’t do” and let’s be honest here, the war is not a popular thing at the moment. I have not done any research (because facts often ruin great theories), but I would assume that the current quagmire in Iraq is lowering troop moral and even lessening the pool of those willing to volunteer. Why not, instead of deporting illegals, offer them the chance to enlist and fight for their adopted country?

Most people who hate illegal immigrants (the right) place veterans on pedestals, so just the irony alone of their situation would make this worth a try at least. We could call it “The Confuse a Republican Act.” They could even have these newly sworn in citizens patrol the boarder when they return because, let’s face it, they already know the holes in our system and they speak the language. It is win/win!

Drug dealers for the DEA! Murderers working Homicide! And Terrorists for Homeland Security!

OK, maybe it wasn’t such a great idea after all…

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VE said...

I like it! Wait...who's gonna mow my lawn, change my oil, trim my nails, chew my food for me?