Friday, September 05, 2008

Friday Hiding from Ike Turner

Another Friday sneaks up on me yet again and once again I miss a week of blogging. How does this keep happening? I remember that, and not that long ago, I used to come to work, do about 45 minutes of crap, and then coast until lunch. After lunch I would usually have errands to run and then my day would soon be over with plenty of time left to blog and surf on the clock. Not great from my boss’s point of view I am sure, but everything was done and done to perfection so I don’t think he minded that much. I tend to view my pay as more per job rather than per hour because I tend to work many hours off the clock: I am someone who cannot let a problem go until solved so I am usually working well into the night and, to be frank, quite often my job disrupts my sleep due to worry. Well, not anymore. No, I can’t even keep track of paragraphs anymore and the election? What election? I have techs and patients and that is all: no country, no wars, no economy, no nothing but work, work, work…and video games. I do need some form of stress release naturally and, since I still am not smoking, games have won the day. For the record, I am not complaining about the work situation at all because I was growing bored of surfing all day long, but there should be a compromise somewhere between getting things done, worrying about things to do, expanding my mind, and relaxing. I think I just need three more hours in the day and that should be perfect.

Happy weekend and please pray for south Florida that Ike does not treat us like he used to treat Tina.


Serena Joy said...

You know, when I heard that bad storm was named Ike, the first thing I thought about was Ike & Tina. Just goes to show that great minds think alike.:)

Don't work TOO hard!

VE said...

I heard Ike's music had quite the back beat...just look at Tina's back...he beat it constantly. Seriously...I now know the feeling of not keeping up. My move nearly crumbled my ability to blog too. Ok, I skipped like three of the six I normally do per week...