Thursday, September 25, 2008

McLame and Plain Strike Again

Just a quick blurb on the current campaign…not because I don’t have deep thoughts on what is occurring, but rather because a quick blurb is all this really deserves. You see, what is happening right now is 100% Political Theater and matters not.

If one suspends their campaign when a major crisis hits then it is a noble act of placing the country above one’s personal desires. McCain has just suspended his campaign for President, but the problem is that the crisis began last week when, according to McCain:
“Our economy, I think, is still -- the fundamentals of our economy are strong, but these are very, very difficult times.''

Of course, that was also during the time just after the Republican convention and he was ahead in the polls. Now, just two days before his first debate and the day polls show him running 9 points behind Obama, is the economic crisis so bad that he is suspending his campaign to help in this time of crisis.

Is this really a man we can trust to run things if he wins, or will he just pass the buck to his trainee, Plain?

PS- I saw this being sold…I think it answers that question. Remember, you are allowed to serve two terms OR ten years as President. McCain, if he wins, will serve two years and resign due to "health concerns" and give the White House to Palin. This I guarantee. She is an even more empty vessel than Dumbya was and she will give the Neo-Cons another shot at Iran.

PPS- How many John McCain supporters actually think they are voting for John McClane from the Die Hard movies?


VE said...

On the positive side though I saved a bundle on my car insurance! ;)

Kanrei said...

You are going to need that money to fill it up however so it all evens out. Should be Geico's new ad campaign: Switch to Geico and save enough to fill your tank.