Friday, September 12, 2008

A Busy Week, A Busy Friday

I am a busy beaver lately. Wednesday and Thursday were meeting intensive and today is going to be filled with all the fun stuff I normally do on Wednesday and Thursday, but did not have the time due to said meetings. This means that if I hope to fulfill my “It’s Friday” obligation, I need to do it now. The down side of this equation is that I have not yet really done anything or read anything yet today to spark any thought, so instead you will get the joke I woke up with in my head. Yes, while I do suffer from earworms, I also tend to wake up with a joke in my head most mornings. It really makes me wish I remembered my dreams because I am dying to know the reason for this weirdness.

Three people die and find themselves outside the Pearly Gates of Heaven waiting for the OK to go in. Unfortunately, they learn once they reach the gate that Heaven recently changed some of the rules to admittance and that they were to be the first three to fall under these new rules. The good news, they were told, was that being the first three, they would also get it the easiest.

“So, what is the new policy,” asked the first of the three men.

“Too many people were getting in that did not really know anything about this place,” said the gate keeper, “and it was causing too many problems so we are instituting a rule where you must have biblical knowledge to get in.”

A sweat broke out on all three men. They were all good men, but none of them really subscribed to any particular faith and now worried about their eternal souls.

“Ok,” said the gate keeper to the closest man, “first question is: who was the first man?”

“Um….Adam,” said the man with some hesitation expecting a trick question.

“Great! Come on in and welcome to Heaven!” The gate keeper then turned to the next man and said “What was the name of the first woman?”

“EVE,” screamed the second man, shocked he was worried about this in the first place.

“Great! Come on in and welcome to Heaven!” The gate keeper then turned to the next man and said “What was the first thing Eve said to Adam?”

This was not the question the third man was expecting and now he was really worried. He repeated the question to himself a couple of times stalling in hopes some force would plant the answer in his head. Muttering to himself he said “Damn is that a hard one.”

“Great! Come on in and welcome to Heaven!”

Happy Friday and have a great weekend.


Your mother said said...

Is that an original

VE said...

If that's your own joke...that's pretty damn good. It IS damn hard to write these kinds of jokes.

Kanrei said...

It is not my own, although it has been made my own so I only get partial credit if any.

The Phantom said...

Hey Kanrei! Just thought I'd check in on your blog. I was thinking about you after I heard about the death of Rick Wright. I remember your interpretation of Dark Side of The Moon. Still, after all this time, it remains one of the best blog reads I've ever seen!

Take Care. American First and I have a blog called "Red,White and Blue here on blogger. Stop in and say hi if you get a chance.

The Phantom

Kanrei said...

Hey Phantom! Give me a link!

The Phantom said...

Here it is Kan....

Red,White and Blue

The Phantom

Hope to see ya pop in!