Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tasteless Humor for Tasteless Politics

To the tune of Winne-The-Pooh

John McCain
John McCain
Presidential hopeful whose brain is lame
He’s John McCain
John McCain
Senile silly old man

I find it ironic that a former beauty pageant contestant’s last name, Palin, includes all the letters of the word Plain. And speaking of former beauty pageant contestant, they are claiming Plain has an 80% approval rating in Alaska. Well, considering she is a former beauty contestant and the population of Alaska is overwhelmingly male, is it any wonder they would approve of her? She is probably the only woman most of them had seen in years and all her speeches were heavily viewed by constituents with one hand very busy. “Yea mama, tell me about that economy.” Oh no, did I just make a masturbation joke about a Vice Presidential candidate? I guess to be fair I have to make one about Biden now…let’s see….do you think he will have one hand under the podium during his debate with her? Could it be called a de(master)bate?

OK, I am done. This is the bad humor running through my mind this week and why I have not posted since last Friday. I bet you are really wishing I had kept this to myself as well.

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