Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday and Politics? I Know and I'm Sorry

Friday…sorry I missed last Friday. I am not really sure why I did to be honest. I know I worked last Friday and pretty sure I was online, but I can’t remember why it is that I did not post anything last Friday. My mind never shuts up so I know there was something on it that day; may not have been interesting to anyone anywhere, but there was something on it for certain. I guess I just plain screwed up and forgot to post on a Friday and that is rather pathetic. Well, onto this Friday…

“If they want a woman, I’ll give them a woman.”

Does anyone else think this was the sum total of thought put into McCain’s VP pick? I really think he would have tried for Hillary if he thought there was a chance.

I am viewing this election year so far like a game of the old Mad Magazine Game which was Monopoly, except the objective was to lose everything first. I look at the campaigns and cannot help but wonder if anyone really wants the White House in 2009, or has everyone come to the same conclusion as me that everything Bush as done is going to come home to roost in 2009-20012 and whoever is in the Oval Office will get the blame. Barrack may prove to be the best choice ever, but I really think his main support was due to the overwhelming fact that no one believed he could win. I really think the DNC wanted Hillary just so she could lose already and shut up. McCain is getting his chance before death and that is why he is running and Bush is supporting him as a last “Fuck You” for McCain daring to run against Dubya in 2000.

While not wanting to take a Friday to talk politics, it is what is on my mind today and therefore is what is also on my blog today. The KHWL staff is proud to endorse the Obama/Biden ticket for President of the United States. I feel that, while Obama is weak in key areas, he is smart enough to listen to a person like Biden who is strong in those very same areas. Obama, I believe, will view the VP as a co-president when he knows he doesn’t know enough to move forward. Obama does not strike me as a person who lets pride stand in his way of admitting weakness.

I was holding off on McCain to see who he was going to pick to run with. At McCain’s age, there is a very strong chance that health will claim him before his term is up and the VP becomes a very important person in that case. While Obama picked someone who balances out his weakness, McCain picked someone to patronize the Hillary supporters who have yet to decide where they will land. A one term governor from Alaska with no national presence does not offer any strength to his already weak ticket. The choice became a “no-brainer” as of this morning.

Sorry to do politics on a Friday. I realize it breaks one of the very first rules I put in place when I started here, but it has been a long time without any here and today was kind of major.

Happy weekend.


Steve Buchheit said...

yeah, it seems the McCain vetting team is up to their same high standards (as there are several scandals Palin is already involved in, not like that had to shake the closet and see what skeletons would fall out).

Serena Joy said...

Geez, I don't know what I think. I like Obama but can't stand Biden. While Ms. Palin looks like a breath of fresh air, I have no doubt McCain's choice of her was patronizing and self-serving. Plus, he's old and she has no experience. What do do, what to do?

Your mother said said...