Friday, August 01, 2008

A Friday at Last!

This could count as last week’s It’s Friday, or it could be this week’s; I am not sure considering I still owe one from last week. Perhaps I should instead summarize my life since that missed “It’s Friday” instead and allow you a glimpse into the reasons said post never happened.

THURSDAY, July 24th: The steering in my car sounds funny. Every time I turn my wheel I can hear grinding. I really don’t think this is a good sound. Perhaps I should take my car in on Saturday for a check up.

FRIDAY, July 25th: My car won’t turn left or right this morning. I am trying to get to work, but my car only wants to go straight. I don’t think I am making it into work today. My insurance offers free towing, so at least there is that.

SATURDAY, July 26th: After spending all day yesterday at the car repair place, I feel happy to have my car back. They had a hard time fixing it, but it is fixed and I can now drive off to my brother’s baby shower.

SUNDAY, July 27th: My steering stopped working yesterday while I was driving back from my brother’s baby shower. I was traveling about 70 on the 826 when it suddenly decided to no longer turn left or right. Thank G-d for that little bit of upper arm strength I have. I was able to, with hazards flashing, get into the right lane and make it home. So that is the difference power steering fluid makes.

MONDAY, July 28th: My car was towed again to the place where I wasted my Friday. They are so sorry that it happened and they are checking into what went wrong. I think I am missing work again today.

TUESDAY, July 29th: I got my car back last night about 5:30. They told me that the clamp they used was bad and they had to order a new one. I drove to work without any issues, but on the drive home the grinding returned. I did not waste any time and drove from my office back to the car repair place, now slightly annoyed. They said they need to keep it over night.

WEDNESDAY, July 30th
: Missed work again today. Sounds like fun I know, but being stuck at home with no food and no car really sucks. My boss is slightly unthrilled at my missing so much work at such an important time in the company’s history.

THURSDAY, July 31st: Got my car back last night about 6. They blamed the entire problem on Jeep and Jeep’s changing of pumps without telling anyone. It is possible that Jeep just decided to deal with this on a case by case basis instead of issuing a full recall. Either way, I drove to work again today, for the second time this week; only my car did not like starting this morning. By lunchtime, my car was dead at my office’s parking lot; the battery was dead. They left it running every day they had my car. Towed once again back to the same place, on their dollar this time, for a new battery. I am now pissed.

FRIDAY, August 1st: I am sitting at my desk right now, lunch 30 minutes away, and I am terrified of what is going to go wrong with my car today. I have errands to run for work and a date with my parents for dinner tonight. Please let my car finally be fixed.

Happy weekend.


Rex Zeitgeist said...

Car troubles suck....remember when my car died and I had no money to fix it?

VE said...

Bummer! (I love quoting The Dude...)

These things go back and forth. You should buy a lotto ticket now.

Serena Joy said...

Yowzer! Dang, I hope it's fixed now. REALLY fixed.:)

VE said...

You can hide, but you can't run. Does that make any sense? Oh well. You are starring in my movie! Post is tomorrow. All I can say is...I'm glad I'm not you! Muhahaha