Monday, August 11, 2008

More Potential Bad Taste

I cannot help it if news sparks some neuron of creativity in my head. I am sorry if that neuron is not very often sensitive to timing and/or feelings and I am also very sorry that said neuron continues to fire the same idea over and over again until I put it somewhere other than my head. Consider this your warning to yet another Kanrei post in potentially bad taste.

I had this idea where Death was planning a big party off in whatever Death reality he exists on. Perhaps he was getting a raise or maybe it would be a retirement party for Bob down in accounting, or possibly Phil over in records, either way, somehow Death is responsible for the entertainment (yes, you can already see where this is going to go and, once again, sorry)so he begins asking all the rock stars and celebrities currently in residence for help at the party, but each and everyone of them, still rather bitter over their encounter with Death, usually at the peaks of their careers, turns him down and, for added spite, laughs at him. This leaves Death with no other option than to come down to Earth and kill a massive amount of celebrities to force them to do the show in exchange for a second chance at life. Oh the hilarity.

Yeah, well it sounded better in my head, but if I delete it I am afraid it will just come home so you are kind of stuck with this as a post.

Bon Appetit

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VE said...

I think Amy Winehouse is on the volunteer list...