Monday, August 11, 2008

No Title

Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac have passed away this weekend, both way too young. Hayes was 65 and Bernie was only a mere 50. Hayes died from a so far unknown cause, but sources say he fell from his treadmill which leads me to think heart attack and Bernie died of complications from Pneumonia. While not a huge fan of either man, I do realize the cultural impact both men have had over their careers and that the loss of these men will be felt for a very long time; who doesn’t love “The Theme from Shaft” after all or the chef from South Park and we all know Bernie from the Ocean’s Eleven movies and my personal favorite role of his: the security guard in Bad Santa.

RIP to you both.


VE said...

You think McDonalds will do a burger in his honor...the Bernie Mac?

Kanrei said...

That is really funny and I think he would have loved that.

Serena Joy said...

I was much more familiar with Hayes than Mac, but they were both way too young to go.

LOL at VE's comment.:)