Wednesday, May 21, 2008

UPDATED @ 3:55

Well, I submitted my essay to Blogcritics last night and am waiting for a response. I am nervous with anticipation; not so much about if they will accept it or not (they tend to accept most things once you are a member), but how the response will be. While waiting, I looked through my old articles there and was reading through the comments left. I forgot how much people tend to disagree with my political view points.

Am I really prepared to argue my points in this, the nicotine-free era? I probably should have thought about that before I sent my essay in, but it is too late now and probably for the best. I chicken out quite a bit when given the option to.

I also have been known to take conflicting opinions personally; as if the other person is insulting my ability to reason by disagreeing with me. I have gotten much better since then, but I have just thrown myself into the lion’s den full of experienced political arguers. I may be out of my league. Again, it is too late for that now and probably for the best.

Working on a new parody today by the way. What do you think?

To the tune of the first part of “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen
This is up to the opera part.

Are these the choices?
Please can we vote again
I can’t believe that
(this is) the best Dem and Republican
I need a real choice
I can’t accept this fate
(because it’s) Tweedle Dumb versus
Tweedle Dee
What has this populace
Done to me
Living in a cliché
Doesn’t seem to matter to them, to them

Mama is voting for a man
Who no one really knows
Yet his support still grows
Mama, this race has just begun
So please don’t go and throw your vote away
Mama, oooo
You know I never lie
And just can’t believe this guy is real
But they do, but they do
As if this election doesn’t matter

Too late
The economy
Is getting lower every day
And our hopes all slip away
Good bye super power- it was nice for sure
But we got too full of ourselves to see the truth
Mama, oooo (anyway the polls blow)
I don’t mean my actual mother
But that is just the way the song really goes

And we are off. Part two coming soon. I need a cigarette =D

The Update I am back! You can see the article here. Whew. Now the hard part of other people's comments.


your mother said said...

I am so glad you jumped back into the water.....even if you do disagree as Your real mother truly believes that Barack is the best of the group...not throwing my vote away but excited for the first time in years.....I love that we can disagree and just take everyone else who does not understand or agree as if they were your mama

Serena Joy said...

I thought the article was well- rounded and fair. When you expressed some trepidation about jumping back into the political arena with this, I was sort of expecting fire and brimstone. I didn't see that at all. Instead, you raise a number of very valid points in an insightful, respectful tone. Well done!

I like the parody, too -- except that I now have a Queen earworm boring into my head.:)