Monday, May 19, 2008

A Sort of Movie Review for a Film you Don't Want to See

My nicotine-free writing is going much slower than I expected, but it is still going and that is the important part. I am also finding out I am not as angry when it comes to politics as I used to be which is also making the writing of my latest essay all the more difficult. I am disgusted yes, but disgusted only takes you so far and my writing style depends upon anger. Basically, what I am trying to say is that I am a little behind on my essay and hope to complete it tonight or tomorrow night, submit it to Blogcritics by Wednesday, and have it here on Thursday. You will have to put up with this until then.

This weekend I saw a movie that has haunted me since it ended. The movie was called An American Crime and stars Ellen Page as Sylvia Likens, a poor 16 year old girl who was tortured to death by the woman, the children of, and friends of the children of the woman whose care she was left in. The film is brutal, unrelenting, unmerciful, amazingly well made and acted, and the last movie I will ever recommend to anyone ever. Just click here for all the nightmares you will ever need. I wish I had before watching it Saturday night on Showtime.

The worst part of An American Crime for me is, for all the horror the movie alludes to (but thankfully does not show), the makers still skipped out on the absolute worst things this poor girl was put through. They shock you into telling yourself they are exaggerating to make a movie so you look up the details and find out the movie is a G rated affair compared to the NC-17 horrors this girl was subjected to; not rape thankfully mind you, but everything possible up to.

And most of the horrors were committed by children aged 10-17 under the direction of a 38 year old woman upon a 16 year old girl they knew, went to school with, went to Church with, and was supposed to take care of.

Performance wise, An American Crime gets 10 of 10 for its cast, but, as I said, there is no way in Hell I can recommend this film to anyone. Rent Juno or Hard Candy instead to watch Ellen Page act and my G-d can that girl act!

Please excuse the fragmented nature of this post, but this is the effect this film has. I was prepared to write about it until I started writing about it. The memories of what happened which are required to really write a review, has me unhinged all over again. I don’t cry from movies, but I did for a good hour or so after this one ended.

Basically, I am going to blame this movie on my lack of finishing my essay instead of my not smoking. On a happier note:

To the tune of "Cocaine" as performed by Eric Clapton

If you were impressed with Bush then this guy needs your push; McCain
If you love the Iraq war, then you know who you’re for; McCain
He’s too lame, he’s too lame, he’s too lame; McCain

If you love bad news, then check out this dude; McCain
Can’t keep his lies straight and he can’t concentrate; McCain
He’s too old, he’s too old, he’s too old; McCain

If you accept our fate and believe that it’s too late; McCain
So don’t forget this fact, he supported Bush’s crap; McCain
He’s all wrong, he’s all wrong, he’s all wrong; McCain


Serena Joy said...

I wondered what that film was about. Now I know. How horrible! I'm not sure I could see it because those kinds of themes tend to keep me upset for a long time afterwards. Mankind's capacity for inhumanity to mankind is mind-boggling.

VE said...

Ha! I love your parody. That is awesome. I'm jealous...

Kanrei said...

FINALLY GOT VE JEALOUS OF A PARODY! You flatter me, Mr. Parody King. I think we found our joint venture: parodies. Perhaps a joint new blog might be in order.

sprinkle4 said...

Okay, I thought it was just me with the 'nicotine-free' writing issues! My whole writing style has totally changed ...weird.

Love the song!