Friday, May 02, 2008

It's Friday, Joe Friday

What rhymes with “Bri’s Way,” but has nothing to do with anyone named Brian or any way that they may do something? Yes, that is correct: it is Friday and I am your host, Kanrei. Welcome to yet another “It’s Friday” here at KHWL. In fact, this would be the 82nd Friday we have celebrated together which would qualify us for Airborne status. Rangers HO! Yes, the Home for Wayward Lemmings is older than 82 weeks, but I tragically have missed a Friday or two in my tenure as Lemming Host. I would normally add “so sue me,” but in George Bush’s America, you very well might and actually win so please don’t.

Is he live of dead/ has he thoughts within his head

For the longest time, those lyrics could have been describing Robert Downy, Jr, but instead they are being used as a gimmick for his latest movie: Iron Man. I have nothing else to add to that; I just wanted a cheap joke somewhere in today’s post. It does look like a fun summer popcorn movie and, unlike most other comic book based movies, I actually do not know Iron Man’s history and therefore can just enjoy the movie like most people have be able to enjoy Spiderman or X-men. It should be a blast (pun slightly intended).

In other Kanrei news- I have temporarily suspended my virtual rock star aspirations to become a Russian crime lord in Liberty City for a time. I still play the guitar, but now it is broken up with driving fast and killing people. It is funny, but in my old age I find myself actually spending more time playing the actual story in Grand Theft Auto IV than I used to. In college, the game was mainly just a sandbox for me to kill, steal, and cause chaos. Now, I find it annoying to get the cops after me and have no desire to hurt anyone. I am even letting people escape where I used to hunt them down. Amazing how time alters your perspective. I am pretty sure I will have outgrown the franchise by the time GTA V comes out. My PS3 is probably very close to becoming a Rock Band only machine and that is not a bad thing at all.

So, I wrote about a comic book movie and a video game and came to the conclusion that I am growing up…only in the Blogosphere could that make any sense. Have a great weekend to all and I will see you Monday.


Serena Joy said...

So, LEAVE THE HOUSE, Kanrei-san, and go SEE the movie this weekend. Whether it rocks or whether it sucks, you can get a blog post out of it, yes?

Wishing KHWL a happy, refreshing weekend.:)

sprinkle4 said...

I have never been able to watch movies based on comic book heroes (or villians)...they just fall short of the real thing for me....just my opinion, though. My unsolicited, unwarranted, unneeded opinion:)

So, did you ever get back in touch with Sony about their incompetence?? Sorry, I just love it when a David goes after a Goliath:) If only the little guy could win...just once!

VE said...

I'll go see it...and I'm sure it will be the same old formula show-us-a-normal-guy-where-something-happens background and then his inner conflict to being a super hero and then the bad guy's story and then the action, the love interest, the big finale. Uggh. I'll probaby like it...