Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Doesn't Need a Name!

Friday! My last weekend with my PS3. A three day weekend. A new Indiana Jones movie in the theaters. An article published in an online magazine. I am not sure what “Club Troppo” is aside from some news site based in Australia, but they quote my Blogcritics story this week. They have this:

Things that are younger than John McCain (via the Hoydens). Brad Schader chimes in:
And I am not talking numeric age, but rather his mental age. The simple truth is that the events of John McCain’s youth, while tragic and his survival and overcoming of them heroic, have taken its toll on his mind and the man is mentally older than his age.

Yes, I Google myself after an essay gets published. It is probably some of an ego I used to once have. Why else would I wonder if anyone took note of something I wrote? Too bad there is a grammatical error in that statement. Why did I not notice it before I sent it in? Where it says “truth is that the events of John McCain’s youth, while tragic and his survival and overcoming of them heroic, have”, it should be has, not have. Oh well.

I cannot say I am going to write this weekend since I am sending back my PS3 and I am 65% finished with GTA4. I figure I am going to just have a massive session this long weekend and send it back on Tuesday. I mean, the games work, just the Blu Ray player doesn’t.

Oh, and I awoke to feeling like a complete wimp today. I removed my Band-Aid brand adhesive bandage from my Indy finger and could barely see the bruise. I had to squint to see the slightest tinge of discoloration. It was not even worthy of the post I made yesterday let alone the panic I did not bother to mention. I am such a wimp.

Have a great weekend and, even though I will be stealing, killing, and racing, I will still begin planning my next essay. I forgot the rush of being published and boy is that a great feeling.


VE said...

I slammed my thumb in the door of my car on mothers day to the point where it locked and had to have my girlfriend open the car door for me. It swole up to the size of a tangerine and everyone thought it was broken for sure. But since I have a high pain tolerence I said "Let's give it time". Sure enough, it was just black and blue from a bruising and not a break. I've already broken bones this year and I never break more bones in the same year....

Good luck on getting your PS3 fixed this time!

Serena Joy said...

I don't Google myself any more. I'm too scared of what I'll see.

I'm glad your finger feels better, enabling you to spend a long weekend stealing, killing, and racing. Boys must have their fun, I guess.:-)

Jacques Chester said...

I fear that I've gone past casual auto-googling into the land of Google Alerts, where they run a search daily and tell you what turns up.

"some news site based in Australia" isn't too far from the mark -- it started off as a one-man band (Ken Parish) and grew from there. It's reasonably well known in the Australian political/current affairs blog scene.