Friday, November 16, 2007

Post # 492 -OR- It's Friday and 8 Posts Until #500

Hello and welcome back. You are listening to KHWL here on the Blogger dial. It is fifty-nine minutes after the hour which means its time for “It’s Friday.”

(insert It’s Friday theme music here)
I don't care if Monday's blue
Tuesday's grey and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love

The requests for Sunday’s Rant are coming in faster than I expected and so far are also much better than I expected. We are looking very seriously at a possible “anti-Clear Channel/ Corporate take over” rant with “Hollywood Justice” and “Immigration” coming in close seconds. I think I could do some real quality work with any of these subjects, although I do have some sympathy for the Juice right now. I really believe he was set up for his current Las Vegas adventure (so much for what happens in Vegas staying there) and I feel a bit bad for the guy.

You see, I live in south Florida which is also where the Juice currently calls home. The man cannot pick his nose without it making news down here, so I am suffering from serious “OJ fatigue”. Just a few years ago, there was a story making its way around down here that the Juice was a major ecstasy dealer for example. He is viewed as getting away with murder and, as a result, society seems to feel any pain inflicted upon him is deserved. They may be right, but I always felt that even an asshole can appear sympathetic once the shit pile starts to form: best to ignore the asshole rather that risk the sympathy.

Hmm, seems like a slight and small OJ rant snuck in right there actually, but never fear: that one does not count. The real rant will be longer and (I hope) entertaining and possibly even funny. I am leaning towards the “Clear Channel” rant to be honest. I hate Clear Channel.

On the Friday front, things are going rather well. While there is not that much work to go around, the work we do have has been covered and the weekend is ready to rock and roll and so am I. Guitar Hero III has stolen my soul and I am counting the minutes until my weekend arrives and my rock star fantasies begin again. The game is beyond fun and, if you ask me, they snuck crack into the game’s code. There is no other explanation for how addicting the game becomes after such a short period of exposure.

Have a great weekend and remember to tune in Sunday night for the rant. Please leave any rant worthy ideas behind for yours truly.

You are listening to KHWL and the time is twenty-two minutes after the hour.


joanie78 said...

This is good...address health

VE said...

Hey give us a juicy religious rant too...let's talk about the decline of the Catholics, the scary rise of the Mormons, etc. I'll be you could go on an on with that one!

Scary Monster said...

Me likes the radio theme, especially friday's Cure theme. Me not be knowing donkey dick about Clear Channel and do not care a rats ass about O.J., but me will come by tomorrow to see what Kanrei has to say and rant about.

Stompin, yeah!!!!

Rex Zeitgeist said...

OJ is just misunderestimated.

Kanrei said...

Rex! Long time no see. You must be a talk radio addict or something: I do this format thing for a few days and "Poof", there you are. How you been?

I wanted to be a DJ in my youth so I guess I will have to settle for this.

KHWL- the King of Text Radio.

Rex Zeitgeist said...

I like it Kan, gotta keep it fresh!