Friday, August 30, 2013

Did I Ever Tell You About How Cancer Fights Back?

Rough freaking week...actually, rough fucking week.  I don't like to curse in print, but sometimes it is the only way to truly express just how fucking rough this fucking week has fucking been, and not just on fucking me either: Saint Joan is having a rough time of things as well.  

First off, Saint Joan breaks her toe.  Hell of a way to start off a week.   As the week progresses, she trumps the broken toe with the cat bite from hades.  Max, her rag doll cutie pie got so into a recent rubbing that he bit her clean to the bone we think.  She is swollen to 3x normal and can't move her thumb.    Mom gets 10 out of 10 for sympathy pains.  

And speaking of sympathy pains, this has been the week the cancer fought back.   Not only has the old pains grown in intensity to a point where there are virtually no more comfortable poses for me to vogue into, but the radiated parts are now starting to demand attention.   They throb and strain and just plain damned well hurt.  Basically, from my thighs to my mid back is in constant and unyielding agony pretty much 24/7.   Amazing what one can put up with.   

Despite the discomfort and pain, I am still in good spirits.  I really miss going to work, but with this pain there is no way I could even drive myself in let alone sit at a desk and focus on work.   My paid days are now over, so I gotta figure out something for money.   I can do some work for. Home and get maybe 10 hours a week.   That and the rent money I am getting for my place may work.   Thank G-d for family.   

Still love ya G-d.   


Anonymous said...

Wish there were some magic words, but there are none. Wish there was a magic wand, but there is not one this side of Harry Potter and we know if we quote Harry, you'll just paraphrase it and break the hearts of children everywhere. ( what?? lol ? )..wish there was a pill to send but you don't need the pills I have, they must have gone bad and turned BLUE!!..( ha ha ??? )
and now I have to prove I am not a robot. and now I have to prove I am not a robot. and now I have to prove I am not a robot. and now I have to prove I am not a robot.

Anonymous said...

surely you can tell the texas accent in that...

yeah yeah I know...stop calling you shirly..

ba dump dump...crash...