Sunday, August 18, 2013

Did I Ever Tell You About the New Book of Job?

When the Brand New Testament is written, it will include “The Book of Brad,” as the Job update.   Only this time G-d has set his testing sights on an entire family rather than just the one man.  I mean seriously, this has been one rough year for my kin and an All Mighty Test of Love and Devotion is all I can come up with.   Still love ya G-d. 

I will only speak of how I am being afflicted by this test as my family and their business is theirs to post, not mine.   Just keep in mind that they are suffering equally.

So lets get this list started.   

1. My roof started leaking again.   Leaking is the wrong word; pouring.  

2. Downstairs toilet broke. 

3.  Upstairs toilet broke

4.  Must move from home as I can't afford taxes.  

5.  Family owned company I work for is being sold to mom-family and my job security is in question.  

6.  Lost ability to poo.  

7.  See my first post for the lit of how cancer became reality. 

8.  Had to move in with parents.   Went from two story condo and living alone to a room in a house.  

9.  Lost the ability to live with my cats; my constant companions for the past 10 years.  

10.  Lost my privacy. 

11.  Via various medical tests, lost my sense of humility

12.  Via various bathroom related mishaps, lost my sense of shame. 

13.  On way to visit cats, my car overheats and dies    

Whew.   I know I am missing something.  

Ironically, and quite out of character for me, I am still smiling and still happy.  I feel love.  I feel like this is what is supposed to be.   This is that change I have been waiting for.   

Sometimes G-d gives signs and sometimes he just kicks you in the ass a few times.   To each what motivates them.   I still love ya G-d, but my ass is starting to hurt.   How about a sign or two for a change of pace?   Something winning lotto numbers. 


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