Sunday, August 25, 2013

Did I Ever Tell You About Saint Joan of Doral?

My mother has redefined the term for all times.  She has gone so far above and beyond that she should earn sainthood for all she has done.  

I don't mean to lash out.  Things said wrongly sound right in my head before I say it. What starts as thanks somehow becomes nasty when I say it.  Wen I lash out in pain, anger, or fear...she takes it and comes back with care

When I feel weak and unable to go on...she cheers me, pushes me, nags me, or whatever it takes for me to keep going.  

I've caught her sad or worried, but she does her best to keep a strong face around me at all times, and I do mean literally all times as she is my constant companion to every treatment and appointment I have.    I could not do it without her.   

All my parents have stepped up in amazing ways and I do mean all.   Even my birth father whom often plays as little as possible has become an active parent right now.   My dad has been exceptional in all ways I have needed and shown just how much he cares.   With the exception of the cancer, this is a really touching time in my life; to fully feel the depths of one's parent's love is rare, but so comforting in the face of any test.

I love you all so deeply.   You are my strength.   I've said it practically every post,but I really couldn't do this without your love.  

We joke that I should be healthy about the time they need a live in care giver.   Deal.   Done. 

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