Monday, June 14, 2010

Brief Sample of the "Script" I am Working On

I have been trying to find a sample section of the script I am working on to post to: 1) prove I am actually doing it to the skeptics; 2)posting it on Blogger acts as a Copyright; and 3) because my ego demands it. I have looked over it and over it and I think I have found a part that can be followed without giving away too much of the main plot, although the B-story is clearly explained. PLEASE let me know in total honesty what you think of it. Please do not read it and not comment. The formatting of it seems to have changed when I cut and paste, so I know it is not properly formatted for a script.

So, here is a scene from Act One of "Charlie Gets Glasses":

Dennis cutting in: Look, regardless, do you know where Frank is Charlie?

Charlie: Why do you need him so badly anyway?

Mac: Oh, well, Dennis and me...

Dennis: Dennis and I.

Mac: Dude, you are getting really annoying with that. Dennis and I (glares at Dennis) have been trying to settle which of us can drink more for a few days now. The problem is, we keep drinking so much, we black out and can't remember who won.

Dennis: Yeah, so we need Frank to watch it and let us know who won the next day.

Dee comes in.

Charlie: Dude! I could totally judge that!

Dee: Judge what?

Mac: No you can't.

Dee: Judge what?

Dennis: There is no way we will let you judge it.

Charlie: Why not?

Dee: Judge what?

Mac: Besides the fact that there is nothing to “judge,” we only need a witness? You're corrupt Charlie.

Dee: Am I speaking out loud?

Charlie: I am what?

Dennis: You totally are. Remember when we used to let you referee our basketball games?

Dee: I am here, right?

Charlie: What about it?

Mac: You openly offered to take bribes!

Charlie: It was not “openly.”

Dennis: You held an auction at halftime!

SO, what do you think?

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