Monday, March 15, 2010

Sleep Deprivation Inspired Eureka Moment

I have been doing research all weekend trying to find the person which I wish to damn for all time, but it seems there is not a single damnable person because Daylight Savings is not an idea born of one mind: it is a conspiracy dating back as far as the Romans to deprive us of sleep. What I need to do now is just find that bastard who said “let's make it Saturday and not day, but rather at 2am while everyone is asleep so they wake up disoriented on the following Sunday” so I can damn him in effigy.

The late Saturday night idea for DLS has to have come from a politician. I say that because there is no logical sense in making it so close to a day like Monday where we already dread waking up. Only a politician would come up with the rational of “well, they are already miserable” as the justification for such a sadistic deed. Is not going to work after 48, 47 hours of freedom not cruel enough? Remember, you already TOOK an hour from us!

“OK smart-ass, what would you do” I can hear you thinking and you should really see a doctor. I should not be able to hear your thoughts from such a great distance. Can you hear my thoughts? I really hope not; some are kind of perverted at times and broadcasting those thoughts might get me in trouble...right, DLS!

Assuming we need Day Light Savings, which is something I really don't believe we do although I do love falling back, then the solution is rather simple to this lethargy problem: do it on Friday at 5pm. Why? Simple, most people are off work by that point, but it is early enough that they can choose to adapt early or not. They then go about their Saturday on the new schedule, missing the hour without any major responsibilities that cannot wait, such as work. Then, they wake up Sunday almost adjusted and go about their normal full Sunday. By Monday, the lost hour is a thing of the past; the day is no more painful than it normally is; and I can't think of a third thing. Then, once rested and ready, we can discuss why we still even do this nonsense in the first place.

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nanc said...

Precisolutely why I like to defy them and set mine forward several days ahead of time. Oh sure you have to go around saying, "Now don't forget, it's not really noon yet - keep that in mind."

Nah! I do, however, change them all ahead at about 9:00 p.m. the night before so we have at least a few hours to get used to it!