Monday, March 08, 2010

I STILL Hate You, AT&T

I got my tax return on Saturday. That should be good news, right? I should start planning all those projects that my home requires, but was simply lacking the funds to do, right? I should buy myself a present maybe, like that new Netbook I bought on Thursday, right? Well, thanks to you AT&T, and your taking of the money I had set aside for my credit card bill, now NONE of that will be done....ok, I already did the Netbook, but wouldn't have if I had known you were about to fuck me anally without the use of lube....sorry mom.

My tax return was not the bonanza it usually is this year for some reason, but it was enough that I could repay my parents, put some in savings, and still have some fun (see Netbook.) Now, it all goes to my credit card. Why? Because you forced me to give them the minimum payment you schmucks!

Ya know, most companies will TURN OFF SERVICE after two months and then I would know you were not getting my automatic payment. I would have said "funny the phone isn't working. I know it is automatically paid every month and I know there is money in my account, so something must be wrong" and I would have taken care of it when it was only like $150! No, you waited FIVE MONTHS! FIVE? FIVE? WTF?

So now, thanks to you, you evil whore of a corporation, I had to deposit the entire tax return and earmark it for the credit card company. Thanks for screwing me once again AT&T!

You really have perfected the art of screwing your customers. You have hit the trifecta with me now.

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