Monday, March 22, 2010

A Bit of a Rant

The Health Care Bill passed the House today by a very close vote and, unless some unforeseen even like alien contact or G-d's return occurs, it should pass the Senate as well. Did the Democrats pull out every nasty trick they could think of to get it to pass? Yes. Did they bully those within their party who wouldn't go along? Most certainly. Did they behave exactly like Republicans did after Bush beat Kerry? You bet. Can the Republicans be upset about it? Not at all, for you reap what you sow.

For the record, I did not support this bill. I found myself in the “Dennis K/ Michael Moore” camp of “this is a bad bill,” but did not agree with their follow through of “therefore we must vote for it to support the President.” Look at it like this: is voting for a bad bill because you like the President really any better than voting against it because you hate him? Is Dennis' vote to support Obama any better than a GOP'er who actually likes the bill, but would vote against it to bring Obama down? Doesn't the bill count for anything because the bill will be with us long after Obama is no longer President.

None of my opinions on the Health Care Bill, or how the Democrats are ruling matters or factors into my opinion on the GOP however. While I agreed with the “why” of it, I will admit the DNC roadblocked Bush as much as humanly possible. Most of the time, they were correct, but I did find myself wondering why many times at their actions; particularly after Kerry lost. I honestly cannot believe that 100% of Bush's judge nominees were evil and corrupt. The same goes for the bill. I cannot believe 100% of the Republicans did not find this bill worthy of modification rather than death.

Further more, I am so beyond pissed off at McCain today announcing:

"There will be no cooperation for the rest of the year...They have poisoned the well in what they've done and how they've done it."

Then there is also Michael Steele's calling of it Armageddon

I cannot agree with this blind obstruction in the name of obstruction and hyperbole to fool the naive.

When I voted for Obama, I was voting in Change because I was sick of this "business as usual" nonsensical inaction from Washington that has plagued my entire life. It seems the only time they ever move, it is in the wrong direction and the only time they agree is when we are getting screwed.

I have spent the last year and a half or so pissed at the Democrats for behaving like Neocons. I have complained to anyone who will listen that the DNC is pushing the Health Care Bill in the exact same manner that the RNC pushed the Patriot Act and the War in Iraq: there is no time for debate; question the loyalties of those opposed; point out that the other side has no plan; call them "obstructionist" and accuse them of acting out of a blind hate for the President. And what does the GOP do after a defeat equal to the passing of said Patriot Act? They circle the wagons and pull out all the Democrat tricks they spent 2002-2006 telling us were un-American. The fact that the Democrats brought up the idea of a Nuclear Option and nobody blinked an eye of hypocrisy really makes me worry for the short term memory of our nation.

Maybe I am naive in what I think America is and the job of our politicians. I always believed that the House represents the people of a state, the Senate represents the state as a whole, and the President represents the country. Somewhere along the road, the parties took over the people, the state, and the country and now the House represents the Party; the Senate represents the Party; and the President speaks for the Party; damned the people.

I do not mind the bill passed, but I mind GREATLY the behavior of the leaders of BOTH SIDES in this fight and am more pissed right now at the Republicans for threatening to do everything they just got done condemning.

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