Friday, March 12, 2010

Let "The Great Nothing" Commence

"So Brad, what are you going to do this weekend?"


"Nothing? I'm sorry."

I'm not, not even a little. In fact, I have been counting down all week to the "Great Nothing" that will be my weekend. Laundry? Nope. Cleaning? Not a chance. Food shopping? OK, that may be done, but that is it! Other than waking up, which I may skip on Saturday, I plan on sitting on my couch and watching movie after movie after movie. Why? Because I can.

What brought this on? My co-workers and overhearing them bitch about their spouses and how little these poor guys want to do on their days off after working all week. One co-worker even complained that her husband dare want to spend time with his family when the lawn needs mowing! WTF? Did they marry the men they loved or simply the most handy guy they could find? I decided that someone had to take a stand for all those married men who can't stand on their own by not standing for 48 hours and doing JACK SHIT!

I am inviting all my single friends, male and female alike, to join me this weekend in the "Great Nothing" and just relax and enjoy the time away from other people's duties.


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Anonymous said...

LOL Well your dad does exactly what he I times but you are right everyone, even your co workers should take a day to do NOTHING if that is what they want....