Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Kanrei's Deep Thought of the Day

The subject was the Health Bill and how the Democrats keeps saying the Republicans either need to come up with a plan or approve their's, as if their's is the only plan. I may not know what to do, but that doesn't mean I don't know what NOT to do. Anyways, here is the thought:
The basic truth is, the shoe has met the other foot, the pot is calling the kettle, but the kettle ain't picking up, and both sides have turned into everything they hated from 2001-2009. It would be funny if it wasn't MY country being killed in the process.

I cannot tell you how many times a day I read something from the left that I would have sworn came from the right just last year. Since Obama's election, the Democrats discovered blind loyalty to the Office of the President and the Republicans have learned the value of protest and why it is wrong to kick the minority. Too bad the Democrats so quickly forgot what it was like to be kicked.

If my prediction comes true, and Obama turns out to be another Carter, it will once again be the fault of a Democratic Congress more concerned with getting even than being right, because, like Carter, I believe Obama is smart and willing to do what needs to be done.


Your Mother said...

I agree yet disagree...I do find there are a few Democrates who are truly being childish enough to be playing the one up card...Nancy and Harry being two perfect examples I believe they are more hinderance to Obama then a help...I find the Republicans to be the same as they alway were..No solution , blindly following and doing what they are told which is just say NO Even before something is presented they say NO there are many Democrates who are working right up to this minute trying to solve a very real problem I have worked with Insurance companies and I have been a victum of insurance companies...I have seen many Doctors have to either close their offices or form groups just to stay in business after what the insurance companies do and cause They make the decisions, not the doctors of what treatments can and cannot be allowed...The republicans are claiming that governement insurance will come between the patient and the doctor...what are the insurance companies, especially the HMO's doing now....premiums are so high and deductibles so high that many small companies can not afford the coverage or let people go in order to be able to afford coverage for a few or close their doors all together No job no insurance. As I write there are Democrates and Republicans who are putting together a plan....together..I do hope that works out The childish behavior of the Republican and the Lobbyist that is seen nightly on TV ....makes my blood boil. No I do not believe that the Democrates are behaving like the Bush republicans......there are a few but not the majority....love you

Kanrei said...

I am mostly talking about the rank and file Democrats, not those in power per say, but those who put them in power. The Rhetoric from the left media is as hostile and wrong today as it was when the right did it. There is never something "too big to debate" IMHO

Your Mother said...

If you are talking about Nancy and Harry, I agree....if you are talking about their Mr Steel I agree...I think a lot of the congress sucks...but I think the people know it is not Obama and he will be re elected and Not a Carter...what is IMHO