Friday, August 21, 2009

Two Poems

Once Upon a Blog

Once upon a time
On a blog far away
Were two people too busy
To know the time of day
One said the left
The other said the right
Neither had any clue
Why they were compelled to fight
But fight they did nightly
And through most of the day
Each claiming victory
While the other was away
And they fought for so long
They each lost sight
Of why they believed
The things they thought was right
Instead the main goal
Of the daily war
Was to prove the other side wrong
And sadly, nothing more

His Story
In 92 I voted for Clinton
Boy did I get fooled
I sat out the next two elections
And stupidity ruled
I returned not to vote for someone
But against a man
And I lost that election because
The guy I voted for had no plan
Then I voted for change
In 2008
That there would be no change
I did not contemplate
Now I must decide
What action to take
Do I vote in 2012
Or just relax for the rape?


VE said...

I like the first one. As far as presidents go, I thought Clinton did a lot of good things. I never liked him as a person but he was way better than Bush.

nanc said...

the first one is posolutely brilliant! kanrei, you are pure genius - of course you don't need me to affirm that.

Your Mother said...

I still believe in Obama....only has been 8 months give the man a chance to give his stupid congress a chance and then we will see and judge....
This writing though is very impressive I give it a thumbs up

You know how I feel about's only Bush who made him look so good in that Bush was so very very very bad

Kanrei said...

Nobody likes the second one. Is it the message, the poem, or, as I feared, the use of the word "rape" to end it?