Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random Thoughts on June 24, 2008

• Do they have American BBQ restaurants in Japan like we have Japanese Steakhouses in America? I am imagining a restaurant filled with giant BBQ pits, surrounded by tables that enable eight people to sit in a semi-circle and watch an American in cliché BBQ apparel cooking hot dogs and hamburgers. Of course there would have to be a show aspect to the place as the BBQ Kings twirled their spatulas, juggled their salt and pepper shakers, and did funky tricks with their wieners. I can foresee a franchise starting just as soon as I move to Japan.

• Every year stoners celebrate April 20th as the national pot smoking holiday. The reasons behind why 420 and not say 515 are varied, but it is universally agreed that 4:20 is the time to smoke pot and April 20th, being the twentieth day of the fourth month, is 420 all day long. Many a stoner throws a massive party on this day in celebration. The interesting part of this is that April 20th is also Adolf Hitler’s birthday. I have to wonder if any group of stoners, in their mind hazed wanderings from party to party ever stumbled into a Neo-Nazi celebration. I do know that my college roommates and myself, all Jewish, threw many parties on April 20th before realizing this horrible irony. Cops driving by wondered “are they stoners or Nazis or possibly Nazi-stoners throwing the ultimate bash.” I think the Nazi-stoner crowd probably gets the most out of April 20th actually.

• I was at a friend's house last night who is working on learning self defense and was watching a video on "grappling and holds" while I was there. I was wondering if they make videos for the other side, like for criminals. The companies that make radar detectors are the same companies that make the radar guns- they are basically selling to both sides to keep their customer base alive. Every time they make a new speed gun, they then release the detector to beat it, causing the cops to need a new speed gun. I was thinking that, if the self defense companies followed this example, they could rake in millions. I mean, for every video teaching a suburban housewife new defense techniques, they could also sell videos to prospective and upcoming criminals on how to counter these methods. They then could install the fear of G-d in these housewives over the fact that all their self-defense techniques are outdated and easily countered. It would be a never ending cycle of sales! Of course, one has to have no soul to do this, but, looking around the business world I can see plenty of souless chaps eager for a dime. Me? I just want my 10% for the idea. I can live with being 10% evil.

• I miss George Carlin.


Serena Joy said...

I'm laughing my butt off about the whole concept of American BBQ restaurants in Japan. I mean, I'm belly giggling about the chefs doing funky tricks with their weiners. I think it would be hugely popular.:-)

I did not know that 4/20 was Hitler's birthday, so I can see the total irony in the Jewish students' 4/20 stoner parties. Cops are probably still trying to figure that out. Do you suppose there IS such a thing as Nazi-stoners?:)

VE said...

Why do we even bother to acknowledge Hitler's birthday? Another factoid that should be stricken from the database. Those were funny bits too. My favorite Carlin bit was the lip synching at the camera from behind the scenes by saying "I hope all you f**king lip readers are watching this"

Kanrei said...

We don't really, but it just happened to fall on 420. If not for that fact, I would never have even known his birthday.

PS- those were Kanrei originals, not Carlin bits just incase...